Why all tube workers should be in the RMT

The last two decades has seen enormous attacks on the pay, conditions and pensions of millions of workers. Pay freezes in the name of 'austerity', pension raids and terrible contracts have been the norm in many industries. Yet on the Tube we moved from a 40h week, via a 37.5h week to the present 35h week which, with banked hours gives us 52 days annual leave. Nearly every one of our annual pay rises in the last 20 years has been significantly above inflation and none below.

None of this has been because our bosses love us; quite the opposite. Often there was very little on the table. What forced governments and mayors to change their minds was not simply the RMT union being well organised, strong, and putting forward demands that would improve our members' lives, but being prepared to fight to win those demands.

RMT’s strength comes from the overwhelming majority of us being in the union, on every station and depot, and many members being active in the union; it comes from knowing our rights and fighting for our rights and that means not just defending what we’ve got, but seeking to deepen and extend the benefits of our pay, pensions and conditions.

With 4000 members, RMT represents around 80% of all station staff. The RMT Stations and Revenue Control Functional council continually progresses your issues from the “shop floor” to senior management. In fact, every single item raised this year was progressed by the RMT and only the RMT. 

Don’t go it alone, stand with your workmates and be a part of LU’s biggest, most effective, all grades union.

  • You can join the RMT here.
  • This article is taken from the latest edition of Stations & Revenue council news which you can read here.