Defending jobs

Opposing cuts in staffing levels and jobs

More Transformation Announced

On Monday 18th March, RMT reps from several Functional Councils (MATS, Service Control, Engineering, Fleet) were told that plans for further reorganisation on London Underground would begin on Monday 25th March. We were not given any further information until yesterday (21st March) when we were invited to attend a large number of staff briefings in different areas of the company.

All Transplant members balloted over bosses 'Transformation' cuts attack


That we note the report on file from the Lead Officer; that the company are steaming ahead trying to ride roughshod over our Transplant members with
Transformations job cuts.

The company has not only failed to consult the union properly; but have breached the Main Agreement which no union worth its salt would tolerate.

Jubilee South News, February 2019

Jubilee South News is the newsletter for tube workers, from activists in the Jubilee South branch.

In this edition:

  • Dust up on the Jubilee Line
  • If Red Tabards are the answer whatever was the question?
  • Assaulted at work and charged by the BTP, defended by the RMT 
  • Say hello wave goodbye

Please download and distribute this newsletter in your Jubilee South branch workplace, and also share it online with colleagues and comrades.

Understaffing of stations is a welfare, employment and safety matter affecting public and members


That we note the report from the Lead Officer regarding the outcome of the reps meeting this week; and agree that the company’s understaffing of stations is a
welfare, employment and safety matter across the tube combine affecting the travelling public and our members alike; and as such needs to be dealt with across
the combine.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to prepare a ballot matrix of our entire stations’ membership for industrial action.

RMT calls urgent meeting over shortage of train operators


That we note the resolution from London Transport Regional Council relating to the London Underground 2009 Agreement RMT was not party to on train operator headcount; and the detrimental effect it is increasingly having on our members in terms of their ability to take leave, family friendly & flexible arrangements, medically necessary reasonable adjustments, Training, secondments, career development, representation at management meetings including disciplinaries.