Defending jobs

Opposing cuts in staffing levels and jobs

Sacked for Doing His Job - Warning to anyone who does LDIs

Please print the attached notice and share with all members


Anthony Codd has worked for LUL for over 35 years. He was a n Operational grade Q1A Duty Manager working in the Track Access Control Centre (TACC) before being, what we believe, unfairly summarily dismissed at a CDI in August 2018. 

An incident occurred back in January 2018, where a Track Access Controller (TAC) made an error that could have potentially endangered staff working on the track. This was, at the time, bought to the attention of Mr Codd who was the TACC Duty Manager on duty that night. 

RMT aims to end outsourcing of core Materials work


We note the concerns of our LU Fleet Branch regarding the apparent outsourcing by stealth of our Fleet Material Stores member's work, and the threat posed to our members ongoing employment.

We instruct the General Secretary to seek an urgent meeting with the company to raise our concerns and objections with the view of an immediate end to all VMI and associated outsourcing of core Materials work to external contractors

RMT to launch campaign to 'completely oppose' station admin staff job cuts


The following resolution has been received from our East Ham Branch:-

“This branch is appalled by London Underground's proposals to significantly cut numbers of Stations Admin staff.

These cuts will cause unacceptable stress to our members, with increased workloads, significant changes to their roles and unsafe workloads. Additionally, this will create extra work for our station staff members, who will have to take on some of the responsibilities that currently fall to our admin members.

RMT 'to launch a campaign to completely oppose' station admin staff cuts


We note the resolution from our East Ham Branch and the effect the admin staff reductions will have on our Members.

We instruct the General Secretary to arrange a meeting of all our senior IR Reps affected along with the Lead Officer; Senior Assistant General Secretary and NEC and
to launch a campaign to completely oppose these cuts.

London Underground Branches and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

An open letter to station AG1s: Join the RMT and fight Transformation

This is an open letter from station staff RMT members to our support staff (AG1’s in old money).

We have become increasingly concerned at the proposals you are facing as part of LU’s so-called Transformation. We ourselves have just been dragged through the lunacy of Fit for the Future: Stations, and we always knew that when LU had finished with us, other groups of LU staff would likely come under the cosh.