Defending jobs

Opposing cuts in staffing levels and jobs

Letter to disabled people's organisations: Staff Our Stations!

I have written to over 50 disabled people's organisations in and around London about London Underground's proposed job cuts. Read the letter below ...

I am writing on behalf of the RMT trade union to alert you to London Underground’s plan to cut 800 station staff posts and to severely reduce its ticket office opening hours. I believe that this move will seriously reduce the service that London Underground offers its passengers, and will have a particularly adverse effect on disabled passengers.

London Underground says: Our Job Cuts Are Not Negotiable

London Underground management stated today that they are not prepared to negotiate with the trade unions about its plan to cut 800 jobs, mainly on stations. The unions have insisted that we have the right to negotiate on this issue, to argue against the job cuts, and have referred the issue to ACAS.

LU management say that they are only prepared to 'consult' the unions about the cuts, and to 'negotiate' only about their impact eg. new rosters. The difference is important:

Campaigning Against Job Cuts

bannerA dozen RMT reps and activists leafleted passengers coming in and out of Bank station yesterday, Monday 12 April. They dished out hundreds of leaflets and invited people to sign RMT's petition against the job cuts. After just an hour, several sheets of the petition were full of names.

RMT will be appearing outside various stations over the coming weeks, giving out leaflets and collecting signatures. Keep checking back to this website for dates and details - and join us if you can!

Minutes: Stations & Revenue Grades Committee Meeting 7th April 2010

Agenda: 1. Minutes from previous meeting 3rd March 2010 2. Standing Orders 3. Election of third contact for Staff our Stations Campaign 4. Membership lists (change to agenda agreed by members present) 5. Recruitment and retention Plan 6. Standing Items: Stations & Revenue Council Report, Local Reports, Stations and Revenue H&SReport.

RMT and ASLEF reps say: Stations job cuts affect train drivers

posterClick '1 attachment' / file name to download a poster with quotes from RMT and ASLEF representatives, showing that despite London Underground's claims, the plans to cut stations jobs do affect train drivers.

Please distribute this as widely as possible to drivers. Other grades - especially station staff - will also be pleased to see this evidence that drivers' union reps understand the impact of the job cuts and oppose them.

Stations & Revenue Grades Committee

Stations and Revenue Grades Meetings Monthly meetings that bring together rank-and-file station and revenue RMT reps and activists. All members are welcome to come along and raise issues that concern you and plan with others how we are going to fight for a better deal for our grades.

Come along and bring your experience and ideas with you!

Location: The Exmouth Arms (upstairs), nearest station Euston Square.

exit the station turn right, take the first right. For a map click the FIND US tab.

Standing Items on the Agenda: