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Opposing cuts in staffing levels and jobs

Stations & Revenue Grades Committee

Stations and Revenue Grades Meetings Monthly meetings that bring together rank-and-file station and revenue RMT reps and activists. All members are welcome to come along and raise issues that concern you and plan with others how we are going to fight for a better deal for our grades.

Come along and bring your experience and ideas with you!

Location: The Exmouth Arms (upstairs), nearest station Euston Square.

exit the station turn right, take the first right. For a map click the FIND US tab.

Standing Items on the Agenda:

Station Groups Re-organisation: the gory details

London Underground has given some information about its plans to reorganise station groups. Comparing this with existing staff numbers, we can see where the company plans to cut jobs, and what effect the reorganisation will have on your working life.

You will see from this that every station and every group will be affected. You can not escape the effect of these cuts - except by joining RMT's fight to stop them!

Click here to read what London Underground is planning and why RMT objects.

Voluntary Severance? Forget it ...

London Underground has made clear that only managers and a handful of SAMFs may have the chance of voluntary severance when it makes its job cuts. CSAs will not, and neither will the vast majority of SAMFs, and neither will any other grades.

In a case of "one rule for managers, another for the rest of us", LU is confident that it can achieve its job cuts in the CSA and SAMF jobs without offering VS because it has held so many posts vacant, and because it plans to simply move you around and displace you to other stations.

Questions and Answers about Job Cuts

At yesterday's Joint Working Party meeting about job cuts, the unions raised some points about the process and received answers to questions we raised at the previous week's Company Council meeting. These issues are listed below. You will notice that in most cases, the company is not giving clear answers to the unions' questions, which reinforces RMT's view that it is not talking to us in good faith.

First They Came ...

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download this as a PDF.

First they came for the admin staff, and I did not take action because I am not admin staff

Then they came for the engineers, and I did not take action because I am not an engineer

Then they came for the station staff, and I did not take action because I do not work on stations

Then they came for service control, and I did not take action because I do not work in service control

Then they came for the revenue staff, and I did not take action because I am not an RCI

Stop the Cuts - It's Time to Fight or Die

The cat is out of the bag. LUL have told the unions bluntly that they intend to slash as many as 800 operational jobs across the combine. Recent leaked documents have shown that these cuts are merely the tip of an iceberg which includes sub-surface stations having no more than minimum staff numbers, even during special events, and open section stations having no staff at all. This is a Company Plan with knobs on.

Management's Conspiracy Against Their Staff and Unions … in their own words

A Presentation document from LUL’s Performance Day earlier this year has been “uncovered” by RMT; detailing London Underground’s Maintenance Directorate Strategic Planning over the next few years.

*** Click '2 attachments' and the file names and you can download both management's document and these comments as a Word document.

Report: London Underground Company Council, 25 March 2010

London Underground held a special meeting of its Comapny Council yesterday to discuss management's job-cutting plans. Steve Hedley, Janine Booth and Roy Carey attended on behalf of RMT. Here is a report of the discussions ...


RMT complained that there had been no meaningful consultation with the unions so far. We could have no faith in the 'consultation' when managers are already talking to staff about the changes as though they are definitely going to happen. TSSA said that they did not accept the Terms of Reference set out by management. ASLEF agreed.