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London Underground scuppers talks on massive job cuts

RMT press release, issued today

TALKS ON London Underground’s plan to axe 1,000 jobs failed to clear the first hurdle today after the company refused to agree consultation arrangements.

The company effectively walked away from the table after refusing to discuss the procedure for the consultation, trying instead to steamroller through its own terms of reference – even down to the number of reps from each union.

Regional Organiser's report: Job cuts, snow, CBS Outdoor and more ...

[1] The RMT held a protest today outside London Underground head offices to protest at the first wave of job cuts which comprises of 1000 jobs. Around thirty RMT activists turned out to demand that those responsible for running up the massive TfL/LU defecit of over £2.5 billion be sacked and not the workers who are being sacked because of senior management incompetence.

Latest: LUL Walk Away from Jobs Talks

LUL Management refused to agree consultation arrangements today over their plans for 1,000 job cuts. The top level Company Council meeting was called to discuss massive reductions in white collar jobs, including ex-Metronet staff.

The trouble started when Management refused outright to continue discussing procedure for consultations. Management tried to impose their own ‘terms of reference’ for the talks and even their own numbers of reps from different unions.

Tube workers to demonstrate against job cuts WEDNESDAY FEB 11

RMT press release, issued today

RMT to lobby LUL headquarters at Broadway from 08:00

LONDON UNDERGROUND’S biggest union will tomorrow (Wednesday) demonstrate its opposition to at least 1,000 redundancies planned by Tube bosses with a mass Lobby at the network’s 55 Broadway headquarters.

The noisy and colourful protest will commence at 08:00 on Wednesday, February 11

The union has already indicated that it will resist job losses, and that any attempt to impose compulsory redundancies among its members would be met with a ballot for industrial action.

Demonstrate Against LUL/TfL Job Cuts

TFL/LUL intend to cut 1,000 jobs. RMT is kicking off our fightback against this on Wednesday 11 February with a protest outside the building where both LUL management and many of the workers who may be affected are based.

We will be meeting outside St James Park tube station at 07:30 am to demonstrate outside 55 Broadway.

A leaflet advertising the protest is attached. Please download and distribute it.

Huge job losses on London Underground will be resisted, says RMT

RMT press release, issued today

ANY THREAT of forced redundancies of RMT members at TfL and London Underground will be resisted, the capital’s biggest tube and rail union said today.

In response to news that at least 1,000 jobs would be cut and fears that thousands more were under threat, RMT said that any move attempt to impose compulsory redundancies would be met with a ballot for industrial action.

Metronet ballot possible: one for the road?

Following some very unsavory legal advice it now appears that jobs will be under threat when Metronet staff return to London Underground on 8th December. It appears that although all the staff are being tranferred to LUL, the contracts will remain with Metronet. This makes it possible for example that Metronet withdraw the contract from LUL and give it, let's say, to Balfour Beatty leaving the current Metronet employees jobless. The advice is provided in full underneath.

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Job losses at TfL will be resisted, says RMT

RMT press release, issued today

ANY THREAT of forced redundancies of RMT members at TfL and London Underground will be resisted, the capital’s biggest tube and rail union said today.

The union today said it was alarmed by today’s announcement that “hundreds” of jobs could be lost across TfL as part of a drive to find £2.4 billion in “efficiency savings.

“TfL has made vague statements about the need to reduce headcount across TfL and that can only cause alarm among our members,” RMT general secretary Bob Crow said today.

SCL2 jobs at risk

LUL have announced plans to introduce a new grade within service control, this role will replace the old Line Information Assistant and the multi functional SCL2 role on the central, jubilee and Bakerloo Lines.

It is proposed that Line Information Specialists will disseminate information to staff, contractors and the public however SCL2's will be expected to cover this duty as and when required.

LUL have intimated if the unions do not agree this change will be imposed, 30 plus Service Controller two positions ar at risk.

TfL Traffic Enforcement Job Cuts

by an RMT rep

Our Department Director has informed us of sweeping job cuts. It seems that management are bulldozing these cuts through. Rumours from worried senior managers are claiming that around 2,500 jobs are to be axed on TfL.

After giving us a slide show about ‘proposed’ changes, they then handed every member of staff a letter telling them whether their position had been ceased or not, and whether you would have to reapply for your own job.