Jubilee South branch

Jubilee South branch includes workers of all grades from Westminster to Stratford working on London Underground. This includes station, train, SMD signalling, catering and cleaning members.

Four Tube Ballots Start Today

Ballot opens in disputes over tube night running, pay, staffing and use of agency staff
Balloting will begin amongst RMT members today in a series of disputes on London Underground, including the dispute over pay and night running, as the union warned that working conditions, pay, jobs and safety are facing an almost unprecedented assault which has united all four tube unions in a campaign of resistance.

Ballot papers will be distributed today, with voting closing on the 30th June, in separate industrial action votes over the following:

Jubilee Line Drivers To Be Balloted Over New Procedure


The following resolution was received from our Jubilee South Branch:-

“This Branch is concerned that once again a new procedure has been introduced on the Jubilee Line which decreases safety checks in order to avoid disruption to the train service.

Jubilee South Train Drivers' Newsletter June 2015

This newsletter is for train drivers at Stratford and North Greenwich.

RMT To Ballot Over Pay & Night Tube

The RMT has declared a dispute with LUL over pay and all-night running and is preparing to ballot for strike action.

An outrageous attempt to drive a coach and horses through existing procedures has been attempted by LUL managers who wish to impose new rosters on staff in the run up to the introduction of night tube operation on 12th September 2015.

The union is also placing the derisory pay offer from London Underground into dispute.

Special cleaners members meeting- June 10 BlueEyed Maid 1500


ISS/Interserve/AGS contracts

Special grades meeting on Wednesday June 10th

Blue Eyed Maid at 1500

Borough High St

London SE1

nearest station London Bridge/Borough

All members welcome, we want to hear your views and have your feedback on the disputes we have currently on LUL contracts.
The Council of Executive member and the Regional Organiser will be there to hear your views.

Jubilee Line M Door Dispute Continues

Management are still pushing to introduced a new procedure for when a rear M door alarm activates – proceeding to the next station rather than investigating first.

We believe this is unsafe for a number of reasons. It is also an example of management’s attempts to dumb down our job by taking away the need for a train operator.

Bermondsey Station: RMT & HOLT Demo Against Cuts

Mayor Boris Johnson and tube bosses plan to close the ticket office at Bermondsey station and cut frontline staff. This is a busy station with a vital ticket office which serves both local residents and those coming into the area to work, It also provides vital information and assistance to elderly and disabled passengers helping them to use London Underground.

Planned Ticket Office Closure Date - 29th March

Staff cuts planned locally including Bermondsey - 30%

We are protesting and taking action to stop the cuts from happening.

Jubilee South Branch Motion On Proposed M Door Procedure Change

Jubilee South branch passed the following motion:

This branch is concerned that once again a new procedures has been introduced on the Jubilee Line which decreases safety checks in order to avoid disruption to the train service.

The latest Jubilee Line supplement changes the procedure for responding to an 'M door alarm'. Previously a rear M door alarm would require the train driver to stop the train where it is and check the rear M door is secured before proceeding. LUL want to alter this procedure so that the train can continue to the next station and then be checked.