Jubilee South branch

Jubilee South branch includes workers of all grades from Westminster to Stratford working on London Underground. This includes station, train, SMD signalling, catering and cleaning members.

Jubilee South September Branch Meeting

Our next RMT branch meeting will be on Wednesday 30th September at the Blue Eyed Maid in Borough High Street at 4pm. The nearest station is London Bridge. This will be an opportunity for RMT members to debate the Pay & Night Tube and Fit for the Future disputes, as well as local issues. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. You can also get more news from the branch at www.rmtlondoncalling.org.uk

  • A poster is attached for displaying in your workplace.

London Transport Regional Council

Th next meeting of the London Transport Regional Council will be on Thursday 24 September 1630-1830

Please try and attend and make sure your own branch is represented at this important organising meeting.

There will be reports from the Counil of Executive member John Reid and from the Regional Organiser John Leach.

M Door Dispute: Management Will Not Impose New Rule


LUL recently implemented a change to the Rule for dealing with a rear M door alarm activation on the Jubilee line. Previous to this change a Train Operator was asked to contact the Controller and then go back to investigate the activation. The Rule change is that the Train Operator would now contact the Controller, get authority to proceed in Restricted Manual and continue to next station.

M Door Dispute Discussions Continue


We met with management to discuss the Jubilee Line M Door issue, and a host of other issues at a recent Tier 2A meeting.

The upshot is, we are still no nearer a resolution on this issue. We will need another meeting to discuss the issue further, but in the meantime, management have a agreed not to ask any driver to carry on to the next station to check should they receive an M Door activated alarm. Drivers will be allowed to go back and check, even between stations.

London Underground fingered in unfair dismissal case - again

London Underground - fingered again in unfair dismissal case

It is with boring monotony that LUL are continually caught out at Employment Tribunals for unfairly sacking members of their staff

The latest case is James Lambert, a CSA from Stratford whose heinous crimes were.....to be honest I am not sure.

He was accused of a racial assault on a security guard.
Found not guilty. In court
He was accused of assault on the security guard
Found not guilty. In court.
LUL sacked James for bringing the company into disrepute.
For being found not guilty? In court.

Jubilee South branch - strike starts here London Bridge 1830 July 8

To kick off the strike action on London Underground the Jubille Branch will be having a picket line at London Bridge station on Wednesday July 8 at 1830.

Please make every effort to attend and serve notice to LUL that this strike will be supported by all the workers 100%

The branch will sit prior to the demo at The Blue Eyed Maid, Borough High St , nearest stations London Bridge and Borough.

ACAS Report On Pay & Night Tube and Job Cuts Disputes

Dear RMT members

Most of you will be aware that we have had a number of magnificent ballot results where members in our union in LUL as well as all of the other tube unions have voted overwhelmingly to fight back. We have four current disputes in LUL:

1. Pay and Night tube
2. Every job matters - defending jobs on London Underground
3. M Door safety alarm procedures - Jubilee Line
4. Introduction of Agency trainers - London Underground

Striking is good for the soul - read why here.

Short guide to striking

When does it start?

The strike will start for Station Staff at 18.30 on Wednesday 8th July

What does this mean?

That if your duty starts after this time you do not report for duty until after the strike ends

What if my duty starts before this time?

If you have started your duty before 18.30 you complete that duty as normal.

When does the strike end

The strike ends for Station Staff at 18.29 Thursday 9th July

What does this mean

Jubilee Line M Door Dispute Ballot Results

30th June 2015

Dear Colleague,

M Door Alarm Procedures, Jubilee Line – London Underground

Further to previous correspondence regarding the above, the ballot has now concluded with members voting as follows:-

Are you prepared to take industrial action short of a strike?

Total Votes Cast 71
Number Voting ‘Yes’ 66
Number Voting ‘No’ 5
Spoilt Papers 0

Your Union’s Executive Committee is currently considering this result and I will write again shortly.

Yours sincerely


RMT Press Office

Overwhelming RMT votes for action in disputes over tube night running, pay, staffing, safety and use of agency staff

Ballots of RMT members concluded today in a series of disputes on London Underground, including the dispute over pay and night running, as the union warned again that working conditions, pay, jobs and safety are facing an almost unprecedented assault which has united all four tube unions in a campaign of resistance.

The ballot results are as follows:

Pay and Night Tube – 91.7% vote YES for strike action