M Door Dispute: Management Will Not Impose New Rule


LUL recently implemented a change to the Rule for dealing with a rear M door alarm activation on the Jubilee line. Previous to this change a Train Operator was asked to contact the Controller and then go back to investigate the activation. The Rule change is that the Train Operator would now contact the Controller, get authority to proceed in Restricted Manual and continue to next station.

Following concerns raised by your Health & Safety reps this issue was discussed at a Director’s led meeting. We argued that the Train Operator should always retain the right to go back and check any alarm activation on their train.

Whilst LUL refused to amend the Jubilee line supplement to reflect our position on going back it was agreed that if a Train Operator had a rear M door alarm activation and went back to investigate, the new Rule would not be imposed.

Yours Fraternally,
RMT Trains, Health & Safety Council