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Video: Night Tube strike update

On the eve of the first of several proposed Night Tube strikes, Regional Organiser John Leach updates members.

In the video, John explains: "After 6 months of trying to explain and persuade London Underground management that you cannot abolish 200 positions, rip up an agreement that protects our members work life balance, and their right to not have to do these {Night Tube} duties if they can't, we have to stand up and be counted."

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Pic Line drivers balloted over training concerns


Further to my previous Circular (IR/048/22), dated 11th February 2022, the Piccadilly and District West RMT Branch submitted a resolution regarding the unacceptable imposition of poor-quality training on the Piccadilly Line.

This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee which took the decision to enter a dispute with London Underground and to ballot all Piccadilly Line Train Operators for industrial action to demand that training standards are maintained.

Piccadilly and District West branch motion on plan to reduce driver training


The following resolution was recently received from Piccadilly and District West Branch:-

“This branch notes the dangerous new precedent being set by London Underground regarding training.

Despite having well thought out, agreed ways of training drivers, management are attempting to water training down beyond recognition.

RMT Upfront: strike action called

RMT Upfront is the newsletter for London Underground train operators from the RMT Trains Functional Council.

This edition looks at the reasons RMT has called industrial action in our dispute over jobs, pensions and agreements.

Please download the attached newsletter to read more. You can also print it out and distribute it in your train crew accomodation.


RMT seeks confirmation as deputy mayor says drivers will not have to work Night Tube

Ahead of further strike action, RMT seeks urgent clarification on Deputy Mayor’s claim that “It is not the case that drivers will have to work a night shift”

TUBE UNION RMT has today written to London Mayor Sadiq Khan seeking urgent clarification of comments made by Deputy Mayor Seb Dance on Monday in which he clearly stated that “It is not the case that drivers will have to work a night shift” and that “where a [Night Tube] driver wants to swap a night shift for a day shift that will be possible”.

Night Tube strike continues as LU block ACAS progress

Next phase of Night ‎Tube strike action goes ahead as LU block progress at ACAS this week

LONDON TRANSPORT UNION RMT said today that the next phase of Night Tube strike action goes ahead from the evening through to the early hours of Sunday after LU bosses blocked an attempt by RMT negotiators to make progress in ACAS talks this week.