Your legal rights

<img src="/sites/default/files/justice.jpg" align="right" width="100" hspace="5" alt="scales of justice">Different companies may have different policies, but the law gives you a minimum of rights in various aspects of your employment. In our view, your legal rights are not good enough, but some of them are useful, and it is good to know what they are!

If you think that your employer is breahcing your legal rights, contact RMT immediately.

RMT Disappointed By Legal Advice Regarding Tube Lines Decision To Change Occupational Health Providers

We note the disappointing legal advice on this matter, and are appalled that employers apparently have such rights over our members’ personal information. We instruct the General Secretary to issue appropriate advice to our Tube Lines members, to send the full legal advice to the Secretaries of our LU Engineering and LU Fleet branches, and to seek their views on how to pursue this issue.

London Transport Regional Council, LU Engineering and LU Fleet branch to be advised.

RMT Slams Latest Government Attacks On Worker’s Rights

Transport union RMT today slammed leaked reports that venture capitalist, Tory-funder and Cameron oppo Adrian Beecroft is preparing to publish a study recommending a full-frontal attack on workplace rights.

Beecroft, who has funded the Tories to the tune of a half a million pounds, has been set up by Cameron to be his out-rider for attacking worker’s rights in the same way that McNulty was tasked with doing a similar number on the railways.

Executive Report To Regional Council

From RMT London Transport Region Executive Janine Booth


  • LU service control – decision today
  • Cubic – ballot re pay (2.5%)/Olympics
  • Cleaners – Initial/ISS
  • Tube Lines – this week’s action – BW report
  • Thales – ballot put on today
  • Telent/Quinns – ballot decided, still being prepared
  • TfL Olympics – ballot decided, still being prepared
  • Time taken to prepare ballots – verbal report given

RMT Taxi Branch Welcomes TfL Injunction On Addison Lee

RMT Taxi Branch commends tfl for swift response to block Addison Lee for drivers from using bus lanes.

The RMT will continue to investigate the working practices of this company, the employment status of the drivers who we believe are employees under UK Law and bring such information to the relevant authorities for enforcement action.

Changes And Proposed Changes To Your Rights At Work

From General Secretary Bob Crow

The following changes to Employment Tribunal procedure came into effect on the 6th April 2012.

  • From 1st April increases in Statutory Maternity,Paternity,Additional Paternity, Adoption Pay and Maternity Allowance from £128.73 to £135.45 per week.
  • Increase in the qualifying period required to bring a claim for Unfair Dismissal or Request a written statement of reasons from 1 to 2 years.

Concern As Tube Lines Workers Medical Cover Is Transferred To New Provider With No Consultation With RMT

We note the correspondence from our lead officer, and share his alarm that Tube Lines has notified members that it to change its occupational health provider from Aviva to Capita without any consultation with this union, and has written to members asking them to sign release forms for their medical information to be transferred to Capita.

RMT Raises Serious Safety Issues Over Tube Lines Strike

TUBE UNION RMT today wrote to TFL chiefs demanding safety assurances during the Tube Lines strike action next week after bosses issued statements saying that they will continue to try and run services regardless of whether essential maintenance and repairs work is being carried out and regardless of the fact that the safety-critical Emergency Response Unit will be joining the strike action.

Proposed Cuts to Compensation For Workers Who Suffer An Assault Or Railway Suicide

From General Secretary Bob Crow

I write to advise you that the Government yet again are proposing changes to the CICS that if implemented will affect the compensation that our members currently receive when attacked at work or when they experience a suicide on the railways. It is currently proposed to abolish the lower tariff bands of the Compensation Criminal Injury Scheme (CICS), this move will remove from eligibility the majority of our members injured as a result of criminal violence during the course of their work.

Update On Equality Impact Assessment Of LU Job Cuts, And Part-Time Workers' Rights

We note the position, that these legal cases have now been withdrawn. We instruct the General Secretary to keep the report on file for future reference, and to ensure that in current and future instances of employer policies that affect our members, RMT addresses equality impacts at an early stage.

We further instruct the General Secretary to implement our previous instruction to prepare a concise guide to part-time workers’ rights, and to place this in front of us.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.