Your legal rights

<img src="/sites/default/files/justice.jpg" align="right" width="100" hspace="5" alt="scales of justice">Different companies may have different policies, but the law gives you a minimum of rights in various aspects of your employment. In our view, your legal rights are not good enough, but some of them are useful, and it is good to know what they are!

If you think that your employer is breahcing your legal rights, contact RMT immediately.

What Does A Union Learner Rep Do?

For more information about Union Learner Reps in London speak with your branch secretary or contact Sharon Allen.

Interested in becoming a Union Learning Representative?

"RMT takes education very seriously and we know how education empowers people to become activists, to move on in their careers and take control in their personal lives. The ULR role is vital in supporting members in the workplace to take up worthwhile, enjoyable and sometimes life changing learning opportunities." - Bob Crow, General Secretary.

Know Your Rights - Use Them Or Lose Them


It may not feel like it at times, but you have rights at work! Some are set down in law, some are company policies and agreements fought for by RMT.

These laws and rights cover issues such as:

  • working hours
  • breaks while you are at work
  • rest periods between duties
  • where you work
  • minimum staffing levels
  • time off for leave, sickness, caring responsibilities and other reasons
  • health and safety – including your right to refuse to work on the grounds of health and safety concerns

Your Right To Be Paid Annual Leave During Sickness

From General Secretary Bob Crow

In my circular No NP/185/12 dated 10th August 2012 (Sick Workers and Annual Leave Ref: LA/185/12) I set out members’ entitlement to receive payment or carry over their leave entitlement where they had been unable to take this due to illness.

This was as a result of the decision of the Court of Appeal that, regardless of whether a worker is employed by a public or private employer, if a worker is unable or unwilling to take the four weeks’ annual leave conferred by regulation 13 of the Working Time Regulations owing to sickness (i) he or she must be allowed to take it at another time

Regional Council Meeting Report November 2012

This is a synopsis of the report given by the London Transport Region Executive Member Janine Booth to the London Transport Regional Council Meeting on 29th November 2012.

To get more details please try and attend your branch meeting or regional council - your rep should have more information too. Alternatively this site has lots of information and material for workplaces in the London Region.



Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme Compensation Greatly Reduced

From General Secretary Bob Crow

Further to Circulars NP/269/12 and NP/279/12 dated 2ND and 8TH November 2012 ,you will be aware that the new CICA scheme was voted through on Monday evening in the House of Commons, in spite of opposition by the Labour Party and a campaign by this union and others and victims groups.

The new scheme:

removes injuries in bands 1-5 (£1,000 - £2,000)
significantly reduces (by approximately half) the tariffs in bands 6-12
removes injuries caused by suicide or attempted suicide from the scheme completely.

Cut Crime Not Victims Compensation

From General Secretary Bob Crow

Cut crimes against transport workers, not our compensation. Demonstrate outside Parliament at Old Palace Yard.

I am urging you to attend a demonstration called to protest at the Government’s decision to attack the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. Your Union has just learned that the Government may try and force through these changes on Monday 12th November.

Update On Criminal Injury Compensation Scheme

Yesterday Labour secured an Opposition Day Debate opposing the Government’s attack on the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. An Opposition Day Debate is an allocated time when the official opposition can put a motion for debate and vote on an issue of its choosing. The debate was also attended by members of the RMT Parliamentary Group.

Following the debate the Government won the vote and there was no sign of any rebellion.

Sign The E-petition Against Cuts To Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

You can sign this very important petition here.

From General Secretary Bob Crow
Despite the successful efforts of the Union and the RMT Parliamentary Group in blocking the government’s previous attack on the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, as suspected, the Tory millionaires and Lib Dem lickspittles have re-submitted plans to cut a quarter - £50 000 000 - from the CICS budget.

RMT Prepares For Expected Reintroduction Of Government Cuts To Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

Anticipating the imminent reintroduction of government proposals to cut entitlement to claim Criminal Injuries Compensation, we instruct the General Secretary to immediately:

  • establish an e-petition on the 10 Downing Street / directgov website demanding the
  • withdrawal of the proposed cuts to the CICS, and urge members and supporters to add their names
  • support EDM422 and urge members and supporters to lobby their MPs to sign it