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Metropolitan Line and Jubilee Line North Branch (Commonly known as Neasden Branch) is responsible for members at 34 Stations, 4 Train Crew Depots, 2 Service Control Rooms, 5 Signal Cabins and 2 Revenue Control Depots.

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RMT & ASLEF Unity Secures Safe Process For Works On Jubilee Line

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and that LUL has agreed to place telephones at 60m intervals through the relevant section of the Jubilee line during the tunnel relining, to enable the discharge of traction current in an emergency. This is similar to the arrangement on the Heathrow loop, and is acceptable to our representatives.

Jubilee Line Drivers To Be Balloted For Industrial Action

Further to our previous decision on this issue, we note that discussions with management have taken place and that although there has been some movement, there is still no satisfactory outcome. We remain in dispute and instruct the General Secretary to ballot our members in line with our previous decision. We welcome the co-operation established with ASLEF on this issue and aim to ballot to the same timetable. Reports and developments are to be placed in front of us.

Tube Bosses Want To Remove Important Equipment From Jubilee Line


We note the resolution from our Neasden branch and the support expressed by representatives from Jubilee South branch. We share our branches’ horror at London Underground’s plan to operate trains on the Jubilee Line north of Bond Street without tunnel telephone wires for a period of up to 4 years. Tunnel telephone wires play an essential safety role, both in facilitating communication and in discharging traction current in an emergency.

We instruct the General Secretary to conduct a ballot of all our Jubilee line driver members for action short of strike action, with a view to drivers taking action including refusing to drive trains in passenger service through tunnel sections without tunnel telephone wires or suitable alternative protection.

Signalling Irregularities At Neasden Depot

We note the resolution from our Neasden branch and share our branch’s concern at London Underground Ltd’s failure to compel its contractor, Thales, to repair signalling irregularities at Neasden Depot.

This is not an acceptable way for the company to conduct its upgrades, not only causing problems for our members at work but also potentially endangering both staff and passengers.

S Stock Train Detrainment

We note the correspondence from London Underground regarding the time allowance for detrainment of the S Stock. This union insists that all workers should have adequate time to carry out the tasks involved in their job.

We instruct the General Secretary to obtain reports as to progress on this issue, and on the issue of time for train preparation, through the Machinery of Negotiation and Consultation and to place these in front of us.

London Transport Regional Council, branches and representatives to be advised.

Cross Line Working Sugestion Rejected

We note the correspondence from London Underground regarding its intention to deploy Circle and Hammersmith drivers to work on Metropolitan line track at Wembley Park sidings. The union totally rejects this, and will not accept any form of cross-line working.

Further, this adds to the evidence that LUL intends to use the introduction of the new ‘S’ stock to reduce maintenance frequencies and to deploy drivers, service control staff and others across more than one line. This threatens jobs, safety and service standards. We instruct the General Secretary to:

Metropolitan Line Upgrade

We note the resolution from our Neasden branch, and that the Metropolitan line upgrade is now complete. We place on record our recognition of the work of our Upgrades representatives on this over the last few years. All issues for negotiation and consultation should now be dealt with through the established machinery rather than the Upgrades set-up.

We instruct the General Secretary to:

  1. write immediately to London Underground Ltd seeking the company’s confirmation that this will take place, to place the reply in front of us, and to monitor the situation.

Resolutions Carried At London Transport Regional Meeting October 2012 - PMAs

This resolution was passed at the October LTRC meeting. The other motions passed can be found here.

A resolution has already been noted and passed in respect of PMA’s no longer being involved in "any" aspect of disciplinaries and that "disciplinaries" are postponed until a full investigation is carried out ref: official circular no: 437.

Resolutions Carried At London Transport Regional Meeting October 2012

These resolutions were passed at the October London Transport Regional Council Meeting.

Right to elect workplace representatives - Jubilee South Branch
This branch is disgusted with the attacks being made by management and the devious methods they are using to try not to recognise our rep for Stratford/North Greenwich depots.
Jason Moriarty, elected for this position by members of the branch, has refused to be recognised by LUL, despite him previously being the rep, and having had full recognition.