All-grades unity

Uniting workers of all grades; opposing sectionalism - together we are stronger!

All Grades to Defeat Stations Job Cuts

Will all grades come together to fight job cuts on stations? It should not be seen as ‘will drivers support the station staff?’ but ‘will we support each other’? That’s the true meaning of solidarity: our own interests are best protected when we stand together. In order to achieve this a 'General Strike' of all grades should be put to the membership across the combine under a single heading of ‘job losses (particularly in operational grades) equals an unsafe tube’.

Stop the Cuts - It's Time to Fight or Die

The cat is out of the bag. LUL have told the unions bluntly that they intend to slash as many as 800 operational jobs across the combine. Recent leaked documents have shown that these cuts are merely the tip of an iceberg which includes sub-surface stations having no more than minimum staff numbers, even during special events, and open section stations having no staff at all. This is a Company Plan with knobs on.

RMT Video: A Message to all Train Drivers from RMT

I just found this video over at the RMT website about the importance of all grades sticking together. I started work with LU on the stations and now work as a train driver. I'm often asked why I don't now join a single grades union and this video states clearly the answer to that and why we need to stand together.

First They Came ...

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First they came for the admin staff, and I did not take action because I am not admin staff

Then they came for the engineers, and I did not take action because I am not an engineer

Then they came for the station staff, and I did not take action because I do not work on stations

Then they came for service control, and I did not take action because I do not work in service control

Then they came for the revenue staff, and I did not take action because I am not an RCI

who will be left??

Well what can i say!!

We have let LUL sack one member who damaged his leg at work and before that we let them dip a driver to stations and took little or no action when at the branch meeting recently i was very disturbed at the majority attitude there no one seems to want to take any action stating we will not win a ballot!! let alone even taking a ballot!

LUL want to lose 180 driver positions "they are over subscibed" they say

will there be any one left to stand up against LUL or should we just let them walk all overs us??

they are offering no real pay rise!

Defending Jobs Together

by Jared Wood, RMT rep, Rickmansworth group

We remain in dispute over the enforced transfer of five CSAs from Rickmansworth group.

RMT’s strike action was extremely well supported. 70% of turns did not book on; 25 members picketed. Several TSSA members and even non-union staff observed the strike.

LUL is picking local disputes with station staff in an attempt to demoralise us by facing these down. At some point they will attempt a major cut in station staff numbers. This must not be allowed to happen.

RMT Regional Organisation Conference 29/8/08

The following is a report of the organisational conference on 29 August requested by branches and facilitated by the Region.

The day began with a general assessment of some recent disputes, including those involving TfL, Metronet, Tubelines, and the fight against Casualisation within LUL, with a view to establishing what the union did well and where it did badly.


The Fightback Has Begun

Now we must co-ordinate the action Come to the meeting: 19 August, 6.30pm Friends House, Euston Road, opposite Euston station Speakers: Bob Crow, and reps from all the disputes

By Steve Hedley, RMT London Transport Regional Council Secretary

Massive congratulations are in order for the RMT members who have organised effective strike action recently.