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RMTV: Message to London Underground Train Operators

The RMT have published a video explaining why the RMT is the best union for London Underground train drivers.

"From the minute I book on, the tracks that I run over, the trains that I drive, the signals that I work under, even so far as the food that I eat: If I know that those people are part of a strong union, I know that their welfare is being looked after as well as mine. If their welfare is looked after I can rest assured that they are working in a safe environment and their going to provide a professional service" - RMT Train Operator, Picaddilly Line.

Why Station and Revenue Staff Should Support Victimised RMT Reps

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Station and revenue staff should support RMT's campaign to win the reinstatement of sacked driver reps Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas.

London Underground sacked Eamonn for following instructions from line control when he had a defective trip cock! Other drivers in similar situations, even those more at fault, have not been sacked. LU sacked Arwyn following allegations from a strike-breaker during last year's strikes against stations job cuts.

Bob Crow and Boris Johnson to meet head to head for first time on this week’s “Any Questions.”

* Friday 25 March, 8pm, BBC Radio 4 *

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow and London Mayor Boris Johnson will meet head to head for the first time this week when they both appear as guests on the BBC’s “Any Questions” which is being broadcast from Kingston Grammar School in Surrey.

In almost three years as London Mayor, Boris Johnson has refused to meet directly with the tube unions despite a massive financial crisis leading to staffing and maintenance cuts and repeated breakdowns on the Underground’s creaking infrastructure.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

Train Operators - How Have Station Staff Assisted You?

We are collecting accounts of how station staff assist train operators. This information will help the RMT's case against cuts in the number of station staff.

Perhaps you had a customer ill on a train and needed assistance, needed to detrain during the peak or where given safety critical information by a member of station staff?

You can complete the survey by clicking go to form below.

Companies and grades: 

Emergency Resolution: All-Grades Ballot

This resolution, submitted as an emergency resolution by Neasden branch and seconded by Camden 3 branch, was carried unanimiously by the April meeting of the Regional Council ...

This region notes that the plans for station staff cuts affect all grades.

This region notes that our ethos and history supports all grades in action together.

This region calls on the CofE to ballot every single grade within London Underground for the “operational strategic plan” Dispute

First They Came ...

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First they came for the admin staff, and I did not take action because I am not admin staff

Then they came for the engineers, and I did not take action because I am not an engineer

Then they came for the station staff, and I did not take action because I do not work on stations

Then they came for service control, and I did not take action because I do not work in service control

Then they came for the revenue staff, and I did not take action because I am not an RCI