Attendance and discipline

Management's discipline and attendance policies - and the way they use them to mistreat staff

Train Operator’s pay stopped after eye operation!

Merry Christmas from Morden Management

A Morden train operator has had his pay stopped because he has had an eye operation for a detached retina. If this condition had not been treated he would have lost the eyesight in his right eye.

Management tried to force Bob to come back to work on alternative duties. Bob declined this offer, the operation was successful and he was recovering at the expected timescale.

LUL Attendance Policy

From RMT Circular No. IR 283, November 27 2008

Dear Colleagues,


Examples of Management ignoring or twisting clear policies in relation to attendance have recently been brought to my attention.

We have made it clear that we expect Management to abide by their own policies and have listed a series of serious instances where management seem to have flagrantly breeched the rules. It is unacceptable that policies are ignored and all members should be advised of the seriousness of this matter, which could lead to a major dispute.

Do Occupational Health And Your GP Disagree About When You Should Return To Work?

What happens if your company's Occupational Health department says that you are fit to return to work after sickness but your own GP says you should stay off work for a while longer? Is your employer allowed to stop your sick pay if you stay off?

No. Case law outlined below explains the legal situation.

Scottish Courage Ltd vs Guthrie EAT/0788/03

'RMT London Calling' newsletter, Autumn 2008 - Get Ready For Pay Fight!

The first issue of your RMT Region's new-look quarterly newsletter is out now, and has been mailed to every member at home. It urges members to get ready for the battle ahead to win a decent pay rise; to defend workmates who face victimisation; and to support and unite local disputes in defence of jobs and against management bullying.

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East Ham Fights Back

by Rick Grogan, RMT rep, East Ham group

On East Ham group there is an ongoing dispute due to management’s disregard of proper procedure and the bullying and unfair sacking of staff.

A meeting with management made things worse, with management now saying you are not entitled to a union rep until you have been off sick for 28 days.

This opens the door to widespread abuse and bullying of staff. We have been struggling for over a year to get management to accept our agreements and now they have shown their contempt and torn up our right to representation when off sick.

Know Your Rights: Medical Appointments - a guide for London Underground staff

If you have a medical appointment, how should you and your manager deal with it?

  • You are supposed to arrange the appointment outside your working hours if possible. But the company accepts that it is not always possible.
  • If the appointment takes you out of only part of your shift, you should get paid special leave.
  • If the appointment takes you out of your whole shift and you have not been able to arrange cover, you may have to take annual leave; if that’s not possible (eg. if you have run out of annual leave entitlement), you should get paid special leave.

Attendance At Work - New Procedure?

From 'RMT On The Trains' newsletter, August 2008

We have been told that at many Depots, Management are re-interpreting the Attendance at work policy (which we never agreed or signed up to!). Full 26 /52 week cautions are being given, despite people trying to minimise their time off, and any mitigation is being ignored!

Piccadilly Line Dust Up

From 'RMT On The Trains' newsletter, August 2008

Senior RMT Officers and Piccadilly Line Trains reps met with Management a few weeks ago to demand an end to intimidation and for LUL to keep to their agreed policies on attendance and discipline. One of the key issues was that Instead of looking at each attendance case properly, Management started to dish out the maximum warnings on every occasion. We threatened to pack up on the Picc if this continued. A satisfactory agreement was reached and this will be reviewed in the near future.