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Service Control Offer Considered by Reps

Today all RMT Service Control reps from across Service Control in London Underground met to discuss the final offer that LU and RMT had been negotiating all this week at ACAS.

The reps felt that the final offer made after much negotiating and fighting was a solid victory for all members and for everyone that works in service control, they also felt we had all achieved something un-heard of in London Underground... A guaranteed "Lifetime Protection of Earnings" in writing from LU!!

RMT Service Control - ACAS Talks Update

RMT has put forward our opinion on this document that shows many loopholes for London Underground to not support Service Control staff in the future and allows management to hand pick who goes where.

LU management don't want there to be any transparency in who goes where in Service Control and don't want anything to be done by mutual agreement but for LU to choose and decide everything.

RMT And London Underground Met At ACAS Today To Discuss Service Control Dispute

RMT reps attended ACAS with London Underground Ltd today to discuss our service control dispute.

We confirmed the issues which have forced us to call industrial action, and received an initial, verbal response from management.

LUL will put its response in writing by Monday, and there will be further talks on Tuesday. So far, however, the company has not provided the answers that our service control members need to assure them of their future job security, fair treatment and adequate representation.

So our industrial action remains ON.

Service Control Strike Newsletter

The attached document has been updated, please display this version, not the earlier one as it has been improved.

London Underground

  • Refuse to give YOU any financial protection when they close your control room or signal cabin!
  • Will displace you to any job or grade that suits them!
  • They will send you anywhere in London to do any job!

London Underground Service Control Members To Take 72 Hour Strike Action

The strike is now off, and the dispute settled, following successful negotiations

I write to advise branches that the recent ‘Yes’ vote in the above ballot has now been considered by the General Grades Committee and has made the following decision:-

“In accordance with the wishes of our service control representatives and members, we instruct members to take industrial action as follows:

  • not to book on for any duties starting after 19:00 on Sunday 1st July 2012, returning to duties starting after 19:00 on Wednesday 4th July 2012

Service Control Dispute Meeting To Discuss Options Following Ballot For Industrial Action

From RMT Service Control Team

Due to the current dispute and the ballot results coming back with a resounding yes we are holding an emergency meeting to discuss what you want management to concede to settle this dispute.

What future protection, guarantees and job options do you want agreed from LU?

Also we need you to decide what industrial action you as the member think is suitable to take if this doesn't happen as the ballot has now given us the legal grounding to do so.