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Tube Workers Balloted For Action In Two Separate Disputes

“Both of these disputes are about protecting our member’s jobs, working conditions and standards of living in the face of aggressive and bullying management tactics" - Bob Crow"

TUBE UNION RMT confirmed today that it has begun balloting service control centre and Ticket/ Gate line Maintenance engineers staff for strike action and action short of a strike in two separate disputes over jobs, pay and conditions of service.

Proposals by London Underground regarding the move of Piccadilly Line Service Control to Hammersmith Service Control Centre have raised a range of union concerns that the management refuse to address

Ballot Papers For Service Control Industrial Action Sent Out Today

From General Secretary Bob Crow

You will be aware of the current proposals by London Underground regarding the move of Piccadilly Line Service Control to Hammersmith Service Control Centre. However we still have a substantial number of concerns over this process and believe service control staff and our representatives are being mistreated.

Our main areas of concern are as follows:

  • The Wholesale job losses arising from the move to Hammersmith Service Control Centre
  • The Non-payment of the Service Operator 3 rate of pay

National Conference Of Signalling And Operations Grades, 2013

An additional motion has been added as an attachment below. It was inadvertently left off of the agenda originally sent out

I enclose for your attention the invitation to the 2013 National Conference of Signalling and Operations Grades that will take place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th February 2013 in the Prince Consort hall at the Winter Gardens, Royal Parade, Weston-super-Mare.

Items for the agenda, including resolutions, invitations for future conference venue,
nominations for officers, executive committee seats and auditors must reach the Conference

Service Control Ballot To Continue Following Correspondence From London Underground

We note the correspondence from London Underground regarding service control issues. Our representatives are not reassured by this correspondence, and we instruct the General Secretary to invite our Functional Council representatives to submit detailed comments, which are to be placed on file.

We further note that our ballot for industrial action is now in progress, and instruct the General Secretary to offer all appropriate resources to our representatives and to our Regional Council’s Service Control Grades Committee to organise for a good turnout in this ballot.

Mistreatment Of Service Control Staff Leads To Ballot For Industrial Action

In line with the recommendation of our representatives and previous decisions, we instruct the
General Secretary to ballot our London Underground service control members on the Piccadilly Line
and Sub-Surface Railway (SSR) for strike and action short of strike.

London Transport Regional Council, branches London Underground service control representatives to
be advised.

RMT To Ballot Service Control Members For Industrial Action

We note that our London Underground service control representatives and members met on
Wednesday 18 April. They feel strongly that London Underground Ltd has not responded adequately
to their concerns, and wish RMT to begin a ballot for strike action and action short of strike forthwith.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to:

  • commence this ballot
  • set timescales for it which co-ordinate with other disputes in the London Transport region, so
    long as this is practical and does not unnecessarily delay action in any dispute

Say No To DRMS

View the poster by clicking the image or hitting 'download attachment' below.

It has been raised by the RMT Union that handing over the control of signalling equipment or control to an unqualified member of staff who doesn’t have the right paperwork, knowledge or regular work of signalling in that area can put the safety of the railway in jeopardy!

Service Control Meeting

The next service control meeting is on Wednesday 16th May - 12.30 on PAY DAY at Conference Room 1, RMT HQ, Unity House, 39 Chalton Street.

Closes Tubes are Euston & Kings Cross.

This should be an important meeting as figures for expected job cuts when the new Hammersmith SCC is opened have just been released. Read this article for the latest details and the Service Control newsletter for April.

Service Control Dispute Newsletter April Edition 2

London Underground has finally supplied RMT with projected figures for Hammersmith SCC. These figures confirm a 50% cut for all Service Operators and Service Controllers Level 1 & 2, which will now all be rebranded to Area Controllers and Regional Controllers. All staff will have to apply for positions in the new control room, that includes management!

Click 'read more' to see the April edition of SC News, or download it below and distribute amongst your colleagues.