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RMT Pursues Issue of 'Command and Control Review'

General Grades Committee decision:

We note the correspondence from London Underground. We now have a little more information on this matter than previously, and note that the physical moves of the affected functions will not now commence until after the 2012 Olympic Games.

We note that discussion will take place at Service Control Functional and Health & Safety Councils this month. We instruct the General Secretary to:

LU 'Command and Control Review'

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note that London Underground has written to us announcing that it has completed a 'command and control review' which is to include ‘co-location’ of network control functions into one LU Control Centre, which we suspect may involve the forced relocation of staff. It has done this without any consultation with this union, and now has the cheek to offer only 'consultation' about the 'impact on staff' of these changes.

We note that this appears to affect staff in LU service control, Powerlink and Thales.

Service Control Functional Council Bulletin – May 2011

Joint bulletin from RMT, TSSA and ASLEF - read the text below; click '1 attachment' / file name to download as PDF:

Latest Updates

Duty Manager (DRM) Transfer & Vacancy proposals

Management outlined their proposals for the above as follows:

For a period of 3 years from 14/11/10, any vacant positions of TOSM, DRM or DSM will be advertised in the first instance to Duty Managers whom were subject to the OSP process and notified of their role prior to September 10th.

London Underground Functional Council election results

The following have been elected to serve as functional council representatives, January 2011 to December 2013

  • Trains Council: Glenroy Watson (Finsbury Park branch)
  • Stations and Revenue Council: Mac McKenna (Hammersmith & City branch) & John Reid (Camden 3 branch)
  • Service Control Council (SO 4 seat): Michael Livingstone (Piccadilly & District West)

Why Service Control Staff Support the Fight Against Job Cuts

An RMT member in Service Control writes ...

Firstly, when station staff are taken away, their responsibilities have to go somewhere and a lot of them are being heaped onto controllers. We are being given increasing responsibility for operational procedures such as wrong direction movements (carried out over secure radio) and frankly I think we already carry a huge responsibility (and therefore concurrent potential for cock-up) and need more like we need holes in our heads.

Ten Reasons Why Service Control Staff Should Vote YES-YES to Save Jobs

Read the ten reasons below. Click '1 attachment' / file name to download a special issue of 'RMT London Calling for service control grades.

1. Because the job cuts on service control, stations and other grades, will be a disaster. Everyone will suffer, including our passengers.

2. Because LU management are not listening to your union reps in the talks. Industrial action is the only effective tool at our disposal that can force the issue and bring our concerns into the open.

Resolution: Service Control Apprentices

This resolution, submitted by Neasden branch and seconded by Hammersmith & City branch, was passed unanimously at the November 2009 meeting of the Regional Council.

This Branch condemns the callous attitude shown by Management, particularly HR, towards apprentices and ex-apprentices and other groups of members in Service Control. The Management aim is to redeploy these members despite being promised jobs in Service Control.