Regional Council Executive

Notes from Regional Council Executive, 14 December 2010

Attendance: Vaughan Thomas, Adrian Finney, John Reid, Pat O'Brien, Olly New, Dave Rayfield, Janine Booth


Olly reported on:

  • TUC demo, 26 March
  • RMT education centre to expand
  • Parliamentary group report
  • DLR ballot
  • Chris Hutchinson reinstatement
  • ASLEF Boxing Day strike
  • FBU refusal to work ET claims
  • 2x cases of appeals against legal refusals supported
  • LU dispute - request for hardship payments being considered by Finance Sub-Committee
  • 4 Companies Safety Council

Cleaners: organising plan

Our cleaning grade vice-chair has drafted the following proposal for an organising strategy for cleaners. It will be discussed in detail at the Regional Council Executive meeting on 9 November.

1. Let cleaners know what is happening with ISS & Initial

2. Go out any recruit cleaners from all shifts and both companies

3.Explain what we can do for cleaners

4. Get cleaners to stand for reps as we are short of them

5. Tell cleaners what both companies are doing to the grade and the union

Notes from Regional Council Executive, 10 October 2011

Attendance: Pat O’Brien, Will Reid, Glenroy Watson, Vaughan Thomas (Chair), James Wong McSweeney

Also in attendance: S Caldwell (Central Line W)

Resolutions - all agreed as valid

Guest Speaker - Haji, International Conference Against Disappearances
Agreed to submit a resolution in support of the Conference to the Regional Council

Reports and debate on the current dispute against job cuts took place.

Meeting finished at 17.06

Notes from Regional Council Executive meeting, 14 September 2010

Present: Vaughan Thomas, Adrian Finney, Paul Jackson, John Kelly, Clare Reilly, Gary Lazell, Carol Foster, Bjorn Bradshaw-Murray, Janine Booth, James Wong McSweeney, Lewis Peacock, Glenroy Watson In attendance: Phil Boston (Organising Unit), Olly New (Council of Executives member), Steve Hedley (Regional Organiser) Apologies for absence: Andy Littlechild, Adrian Rowe, Dean O'Hanlon


Notes from Regional Council Executive, 10 August 2010

Attendance: Janine Booth, James Wong-McSweeney, Adrian Finney, Pat O'Brien, Carol Foster, Olly New, Frank Curtis, Gary Doyle, Dean O'Hanlon, Glenroy Watson Apologies: Adrian Rowe, Steve Hedley, Paul Rutland, Paul Jackson, Mick Crossey, Linda Wiles, Vaughan Thomas


We endorsed the suggestions from the Branch Membership Secretaries' training day, listed here.

Notes from Regional Council Executive, 11 May 2010

Present: John Kelly, Gary Lazell, Clare Reilly, Glenroy Watson, John Reid, Carol Foster, James Wong-McSweeney, Andy Izard, Jackie Darby, Adrian Finney, Josie Toussaint-Pinnock, Vaughan Thomas, Janine Booth, Will Reid, Dean O'Hanlon, Lewis Peacock. In attendance: Olly New Apologies for absence: Steve Hedley, Gwyn Pugh, Paul Rutland, Steve Reeley, Bjorn Bradshaw-Murray, Micky Hyde, Dave Rayfield, Malcolm Taylor, Neil Cochrane, Linda Wiles


  • Camden 3 recruitment day was a success.

Notes from Regional Council Executive 13 April 2010

Present: Janine Booth, Nigel Eivers, Neil Hodgson, Adrian Rowe, Gavin Bowtell, Carol Foster, Micky Hyde, James Wong-McSweeney, Adrian Finney, Glenroy Watson, Pat O'Brien, Andy Littlechild, Mark Harding

In attendance: Steve Hedley, Regional Organiser


  • Dave Rayfield not in attendance - on demonstraiton in Lille.
  • Last Regional recruitment & organising day; poor attendance - alternative suggestions requested and agreed :
    • combine leafleting passengers against job cuts with visiting workplaces (stations and trains)

Resolution: London Underground industrial action ballot

This resolution, submitted by the Regional Council Executive, was carried unanimously by the April meeting of the Regional Council ...

This Regional Council is very frustrated by the lack of progress in carrying out the union's decision to ballot our members for industrial action to stop London Underground's plan to slash 800 jobs.

We understand the problems caused by the anti-union laws. However, we believe that the union can and must, as a matter of urgency, prepare and carry out this ballot.

We remind our national officers that 800 jobs are at stake.

Notes from Regional Council Executive, 9 March 2010

PRESENT: Adrian Rowe, Clara Osagiede, Gary Lazell, Malcolm Taylor, Paul Jackson, Will Reid, Pat O'Brien, Andy Littlechild, Chris Carroll, James Wong-McSweeney, Carol Foster, Glenroy Watson, Adrian Finney, Vaughan Thomas, Janine Booth. IN ATTENDANCE: Steve Hedley (Regional Organiser), Olly New (Executive member), John Moloney (PCS), Josie Toussaint-Pinnock, Claire Reilly APOLOGIES: Linda Wiles, Paul Rutland, Ross Marshall, John Kelly, Lewis Peacock, Steve Reeley, Tony Gandolfi, Dave Rayfield