Cubic Transportation Pay Offer Agreed

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and having also consulted with our branch, we instruct the General Secretary to advise the company of our acceptance of the company’s final offer before the deadline for payment in time for Christmas.

We further instruct the General Secretary to ensure that a pay claim is submitted in line with union policy for 2013, and to obtain a plan for improving organisation of this workforce from our LU Engineering branch.

London Transport Regional Council, branches and our Cubic representative to be advised.

London Overground STM Strike Suspended Following Positive Developments

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow



Further to my letter dated 29th November 2012 in relation to the above matter, I can confirm that your union has entered into talks with London Overground in relation to the role and responsibility of the Travel Safe Officer. London Overground has agreed that the TSOs would be better off working directly for LOROL rather than for STM and talks will begin in January to discuss the logistics of bringing your work back in-house.

Security, 'Travelsafe' & Cleaning Members Working For Carlisle On The DLR To Strike For Better Pay

We note our Regional Organiser’s report, and the failure of the employer to meet the just demands of our security, Travelsafe and cleaning members on this contract. We instruct all members on this contract to:

  • take industrial action short of strike action by working to rule on Wednesday 28 November
  • take strike action by not booking on for any duties starting at or after 05:30 on Thursday
    29 November and to return to duties starting at or after 05:30 on Saturday 1 December.

We further instruct the General Secretary to:

STM Security Group Travel Safe Officers Working On London Overground To Strike Over Bullying And Intimidation

Our Travel Safe Officer members and union representatives are being subjected to bullying and intimidation by STM Security Group (UK) Ltd. Despite several warnings from the union, management continue to subject our members to this appalling treatment.

The General Grades Committee has considered this matter and has taken the following decision:

  • taking strike action and not signing on for any shifts between 00:01 hours and 23:59 hours on Saturday 03rd November 2012.
  • and by way of action short of strike action to not do any overtime or shift changes for any shifts between 00:01 hours and 23:59 hours on Saturday 03rd November 2012.

Carlisle Members On DLR Vote Solidly For Industrial Action


That we note the ballot result for both strikes and action short of strikes is as follows:-

Total votes cast: 10

Number voting “Yes” : 10

Number voting “No” : 0

Spoilt Papers: 0

We congratulate our members on their 100% vote for action. We note that our Docklands Light Railway branch is to meet tomorrow, and that our lead officer is to meet with the employer. Reports of these two meetings are to be placed in front of us within seven days.

London Overground Safety And Security Staff Balloted For Strike Action In Bullying Dispute

TRANSPORT UNION RMT confirmed today that security and safety staff employed by STM Security Group on London Overground services will be balloted for both strike action and action short of a strike this week in a dispute over bullying and an attempt to impose new terms and conditions.

STM are contracted to provide safety and security services on London Overground stations.

Despite several warnings from RMT, management at STM Security Group have continued to bully and intimidate our Travel Safe Officer member’s and union representatives.

Executive Report To London Transport Regional Council September 2012

From London Transport Region's Executive Member Janine Booth

The agreed spheres of influence are attached on a separate sheet.

Council of Executives decision, 4 September:

We note the report from our Regional Organiser regarding spheres of influence of branches within London Transport region. We endorse the report and instruct the General Secretary to ensure its implementation.

MITIE - Pay And Conditions 2012

We note the final offer from Mitie Technical Facilities Management of a pay rise of 1.5% for this year. While this is a disappointing offer, we note that it is the first pay rise in several years and as a one-year offer, gives us a platform to campaign for an improved rise next year.

We note that our representatives and branch recommend accepting it on this basis, and instruct the General Secretary to advise the employer of our acceptance.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised

Carlisle Cleaning & Security Members On Docklands Light Railway To Be Balloted For Strike Action For A Living Wage

We note the report from our Regional Organiser and correspondence from our Branch Secretary. We congratulate our members for the action they have taken so far, and instruct the General Secretary to conduct a new ballot for strike action and industrial action short of strike action, in pursuit of our demands for agreements (with implementation dates) on the issues of:

  • a substantial pay rise to at least the London Living Wage
  • sick pay
  • overtime rate
  • allocation of overtime
  • days in lieu
  • better roster system
  • weekly working hours
  • uniform issue