Carlisle Cleaning & Security Members On Docklands Light Railway To Be Balloted For Strike Action For A Living Wage

We note the report from our Regional Organiser and correspondence from our Branch Secretary. We congratulate our members for the action they have taken so far, and instruct the General Secretary to conduct a new ballot for strike action and industrial action short of strike action, in pursuit of our demands for agreements (with implementation dates) on the issues of:

  • a substantial pay rise to at least the London Living Wage
  • sick pay
  • overtime rate
  • allocation of overtime
  • days in lieu
  • better roster system
  • weekly working hours
  • uniform issue

The Agency Workers Regulations And The Swedish Derogation

According to the TUC, the Swedish Derogation is: “an option written into the EU Temporary Agency Work Directive that allows member States to insert a provision into their transposing legislation that says that where an agency worker is directly employed by an agency they are not protected by the equal treatment provisions in the Directive. The UK Regulations, which come into force in October, make use of the “Swedish” derogation.

RMT London Calling newsletter: Olympics special no.2

Updated on 26th July - please ensure you are using the latest version

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download the new issue of our 'RMT London Calling' newsletter, our second Olympics special, reporting on: Olympics agreements won by RMT so far; strikes by cleaners, bike hire and TfL staff; action short of strikes on London Underground; the Olympics security crisis; and more.

London Underground Members Vote For Action Short Of Strike To Prevent Casualisation Of Jobs During The Olympics And After

That we note the result of the ballot for action short of strikes is as follows:-

Total votes cast 1,954
Number voting “Yes” 1682 (86.3% of valid vote)
Number voting “No” 267
Spoilt Papers 5

Carlisle Cleaning And Security Workers On The Docklands Light Railway Give Massive Mandate For Industrial Action

That we note the result of the ballots for both strikes and action short of strikes is as follows:-

Total votes cast 32
Number voting “Yes” 31 (96.9% of valid vote)
Number voting “No” 1
Spoilt Papers 0

RMT Calls For Disinvestment By London Transport Pension Fund From Semperian PPP/PFI Outfit

REPRESENTATIVES OF tube union RMT on the London Transport pension fund have called for disinvestment from Semperian PPP after it emerged that one of their subcontractors on the Great Western Hospital PFI contract in Swindon, Carillion, has been involved in a long-running dispute with sister union GMB over racial abuse, bullying and extortion.

Emcor Rail Workers At LU To Be Balloted For Industrial Action As Employer Refuses Olympic Payment

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and are appalled that Emcor Rail have refused to make any financial offer to our members for Olympics working.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to immediately conduct a ballot for strikes and action short of strikes, notice to be given today, the ballot to commence on 18 July and close on 27 July, ballot papers to be sent first class, and a personal letter to be sent to all members involved urging them to vote Yes to both questions.


Poster: Agency Workers Know Your Rights

If you are doing the same job as permanent staff then you have the right to join the RMT. A poster has been created by TfL branch for union noticeboards to get this message across to agency workers in the transport industry.

Reps - please print out and display on relevant noticeboards with you name and contact details.

Join the RMT and get protected.

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