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Video: Regional Organiser responds to Tube bosses 'cuts wish-list'

RMT Regional Organiser John Leach discusses London Underground's 16 page 'cuts wish-list' and the action RMT is taking to fight back.

John Leach explains in the video "You've been heroes through the pandemic, you do a fantastic job and it is absolutely wrong that now, coming out of the pandemic TfL / London Underground want to put all that in jeopardy [by making cuts]."

RMT view that the TfL Pension Fund is well funded is now confirmed

Dear Colleague,


I refer to my previous email, 11th September 2021, as the RMT has been maintaining since the Independent Review of the TfL Pension Fund was announced it is our view, based on actuarial advice, that this final salary pension scheme is well funded and not in a position where our members benefit need to be reduced or their contributions need to increase.

RMT on Night Tube restart announcement

RMT responds to plans for limited Night Tube reopening

General Secretary Mick Lynch said:

“No one has worked harder to ensure a safe environment for women on London Underground than the RMT. While Tube bosses have axed staff and left stations routinely unstaffed, with all of the obvious risks, we have campaigned relentlessly for the front line, physical ‎presence of visible staff on stations and platforms.

Video: Night Tube dispute ACAS update

I and TFC reps attended ACAS today regarding the Night Tube dispute. It was confirmed that rosters currently produced and rejected by local reps on the Central and Victoria Lines were going to be those used when Night Tube returns which although still unconfirmed could be imminent. RMT reiterated the terms of the dispute which are 1. NT should be voluntary 2. There should be no increase in weekend working. 3. Shift patterns should not destroy our members' work life balance. 4. Over 200 Part Time positions should not be abolished.

Video: TFL pension fund attack explanation

Steve Heldey

Dear Colleague,


I refer to my previous email of 17th September 2021, please find the following link in respect of the TfL Pension Fund and while this union believes that we must fully protect our members past and future occupational retirement benefits.

I will keep you advised of future developments.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Lynch
General Secretary


RMT TFC Statement on funding crisis 'engagement' sessions


RMT Trains' Functional Council response to London Underground's funding crisis 'engagement' sessions.

We have listened carefully to your presentations over the past month.

You have said that, prior to COVID-19, LUL was on schedule to provide an economically viable service to not only run Tube services but to subsidise other passenger services. This all changed as a direct result of the first lockdown in March 2020.

RMT bulletin: we can and must win this battle

The government, TfL and London Underground consider EVERYTHING that makes our job bearable and worthwhile as up for grabs. Pensions, job security, pay rises and your framework agreements are all threatened... If we don’t stop them! 

Last year we were heroes, now we’re just a cost 
on an accountant’s balance sheet. Management are going to try and con us into believing that if we cooperate with attacks on jobs, pay, pensions and conditions they will be in a better position to negotiate with the government for funding.