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Green Park and Euston Area members to be balloted


Subsequent to my previous Circular (IR/058/22), dated 21st February 2022, the National Executive Committee took the decision to enter into a dispute with LUL and ballot members over the unacceptable bullying and intimidating behaviour towards RMT members and Representatives.

In accordance with this decision, the Company has been informed of our intention to ballot affected members in the Green Park and Euston Areas for a strike and action short of a strike, in the form of an overtime ban and rest day working ban. The ballot opened on Friday 25th March, and papers should be starting to arrive this week.

If you have a member who has not received a ballot paper by Wednesday 6th April 2022 then please ask them to contact the RMT by email at: info@rmt.org.uk, or by calling the National Helpline on 0800 376 3706.

The ballot closes on Tuesday 12th April 2022.

It is imperative that we get a significant return in the ballot for industrial action, so we are not prevented from acting on our members' wishes by the ballot thresholds set by the anti-union laws. Failure to meet these thresholds means industrial action cannot happen, so a high turnout is absolutely essential.

I trust this keeps you fully advised, and I will inform you of any further developments on this issue.