ABM cleaners: your work is highly valued and the RMT has your back

To all ABM Cleaner Members

Dear Colleagues

I am sure that I don’t need to point out the difficulties we are all facing at this extraordinary time. But like many key workers, the efforts you are making are highly valued by the whole community of London.

At the same time your Union RMT and its ABM representatives are going flat out to continue looking after you interests. Should you need to contact one of them, their names and numbers now follow:

Anis Boukhalfa 07413 983593
Mohamed Said 07856 697021
Shengyul Sali
Joseph Mambuliya
Max Ngombo

My own email address is given below.

We were successful early on in establishing the principle of ABM staff being paid should the need to isolate arise. However, we very much continue to fight hard on your behalf. The attached bulletin specifically for ABM staff is evidence of this.

Every week we have a conference meeting which involves myself and your above named representatives directly with the ABM Contract Director and other senior management figures. So any difficulties that you raise with us can be taken to management for actioning.

Once again, you should feel really proud of the contribution you are making during this crisis. But at the same time if you believe that this goodwill is being taken advantage of or that managers are cutting corners or compromising your safety and other rights, then RMT is here for you.

With very best wishes.

Yours sincerely

John Leach