Cleaners: Progress with Regional Council's request for renewed campaign

Following the resolution passed by our Regional Council in March, the union's General Grades Committee (part of the national executive) made the following decision on June 1st. The latest report is that "work is in progress".


That we note the resolution from the LT Regional Council and the continuing sackings of our cleaner members and the need to build up our membership in this important grade.

We also take into consideration the recent meeting with our Parliamentary Group, which is placed on file.

The General Secretary is therefore instructed:

• To work with the LTRC to step up plans to recruit and provide resources as necessary.

• To take legal advice on how to prevent the use of agencies or self-employment arrangements to avoid the payment of the London Living Wage

• To give legal support if necessary to use the County Court to reclaim wages illegally stopped by Cleaning Companies

• To continue to work with our Parliamentary Group to ensure that all members are paid the London Living Wage by contract, supporting and publicising and EDM on this issue

• To pursue a change in the law on the issue of third party sackings

• To investigate making a short documentary programme on ‘a day in the life of a cleaner’.

• To draw up plans for an inquiry into the pay and conditions of tube cleaners and possible other low paid workers.

We also note the use of draconian and racist immigration laws by cleaning companies. In pursuit of union policy, the General Secretary is instructed to highlight the effects of these laws on our cleaning members and other workers through the RMT News. Where the bosses have gone beyond the law to victimise members we should pursue them legally.