Council of Executives Member's Report to Regional Council, July 2011


  • London Underground – The latest offer is Y1 4.75% Y2-5 RPI+0.25%, very little on conditions; RMT rejected (see decision); other unions indicated they would reject too
  • EDF Powerlink – the latest offer is Y1 4.5%, Y2-5 RPI+0.25%; RMT rejected (see decision)
  • Tube Lines (Stratford Market, ex-Alstom) – accepted 2-year deal of Y1 5.6%; Y2 RPI+0.5% (min. 0.5%); changes to rosters to be subject to negotiations
  • CBS Outdoor – reluctantly accepted poor offer of 1.3%; organising drive to building union’s strength and ensure that we achieve much better next year
  • Alstom – latest offer Y1 2.75%; Y2 CPI+0.5% (min.2%, max.3%) – RMT has rejected
  • Table of current status of pay awards – distributed separately


  • Arwyn Thomas back to work – details to be given verbally – significant victory
  • Tony Rowntree, Jayesh Patel – awaiting outcome of appeal hearings
  • Tunde Amanah – awaiting appeal outcome; resolution from branch to LTRC
  • Review of industrial disputes – please give input


  • ‘Command and control review’ – plan to centralise and ‘co-locate’ network control functions – urgent response needed (see decision)
  • Failure to consult with unions re policies (see decision on ‘command and control review’)
  • LU Electronic communications policy – legal advice to be sought (see decision)
  • Retirement at 65 (see decision)


  • LU station staff framework agreement – management conceded that v22a applies; RMT chasing up outstanding disciplinary sanctions under v24 and producing ‘know your rights’ guide for station staff; requested functional to initiate renegotiation of rosters due to difference between the two versions
  • Uniform cleaning vouchers – to be discussed at Uniform Consultative Committee, 12 August (see decision)
  • LU job cuts – overtime ban, higher grade working ban, work-to-rule called off – £5 minimum boycott stays on – decision on further action and campaigning to be revisited following successful appeal at AGM
  • LU equality impact assessment – RMT to pursue campaign over staffing levels on equalities grounds (see decision)


  • Thales management bullying – ballot for strikes and action short of strikes (see decision)
  • Thales reps’ elections – completed; now pursuing health & safety reps’ elections (see decision)
  • Northumberland Park IT dispute – satisfactory conclusion (see decision)
  • Track contractors’ charter – wording submitted to GGC for approval; £1 reduced subs agreed
  • Signals grade progression – dispute successful; grade progression issue resolved; talks on revising Framework Agreement (see decision)
  • Track Access Control / Power Control Room grade progression – dispute successful (see decision)


  • TfL Taxi Engagement Policy – RMT currently excluded – RMT to tackle this (see decision)
  • Attacks on RMT in ‘Taxi’ newspaper – legal advice to be sought; replies to be published (see decision)


  • Bombardier job cuts – 23 July demonstration; GGC decision – demand nationalisation of Bombardier Derby; environmental case for train manufacturing; no need for job losses in any companies or countries; issue is workers vs bosses, not British vs German; UKIP not on our platforms, BNP involvement not tolerated; pursue political campaign; resolution to TUC Congress; recruitment campaign
  • Network Rail signallers/ECROs – 4,000 or 6,000 jobs to be cut
  • McNulty report –;


  • Official statement now made by both unions; other unions also approached


  • Sexism survey – can be submitted via RMT News, additional printed copies; online at
  • Disabled members – poor response to branch consultation, so union to hold conference rather than change rules this year
  • LGBT – new workplace poster produced; DVD nearly finished; proposals for organising against homophobia in the workplace to be discussed by Equal Rights Sub-Committee
  • Black & ethnic minority members – Reparations Conference and anti-slavery event coming up


  • Young Members Advisory Committee – to be expanded to five per region; request for nominations has been sent out to branches
  • Membership database update – still not completed for station staff post-OSP; need to ensure more efficient updates in future
  • Catering grades – national RMT organising drive for catering grades; should target Sodexo canteens around London Transport workplaces; submitted request for £1 reduced subs
  • RMT recruiting new lay tutors – circular has been sent to branches


  • TfL Restructuring and Staff Reductions policy – accepted (see decision)
  • DLR – several ongoing issues; awaiting report from Regional Organiser
  • Croydon Tramlink – Carillion’s contract transferred to TfL (see decision)
  • Olympics – need to co-ordinate our approach to all companies in LT region (and others) – C of E Olympics sub-committee 1 September


  • RMT app / website – to be discussed at ICT Sub-Committee Monday 1 August
  • General Strike – C of E decision: “That we continue to pursue our policy of co-ordinated action.”


  • Workers’ and passengers’ charter for London – RMT to begin an inclusive process for developing a Charter; branches to be consulted – please respond!; will also involve other unions, passengers groups, disability groups, etc; should use in London elections - see decision)
  • Council of Executives will discuss AGM decisions on 5 August; also discussing various other issues

Janine Booth, 28/7/11