Executive Report To London Transport Regional Council October 2012

Each month our Executive Council Member Janine Booth reports to the Regional Council. This report as a synopsis and the full 'EC decisions' can be read here.

We've added some links to the report to explain some of the topics covered in more detail.

Remember branch meetings and the regional meeting are open to all members - this is where you can get involved and make a change in your union.

EC Report


GGC decision, 5 October: Tube Lines’ cleaning contract with ISS expires on 31 March 2013; the union is to run a high-profile campaign for the contract to be brought in-house, with leaflets, petitions, protest actions, and meetings with supportive GLA members, TfL Board members and our Parliamentary group; and to consider industrial action.

I am currently chasing up the implementation of this decision at head office level. I would urge the Regional Council (and cleaners’ grade, Tube Lines reps, branches) to also organise campaigning on this.

GGC decision, 25 October: Ballot result 10-0 for strikes & action short; branch meeting tomorrow; lead officer meeting with employer; reports of these meetings to be discussed next week.

GGC decision, 25 October: Positive response to our call for nationally-coordinated industrial action; there will be a national meeting of GGC members, lead officers and reps of current disputes; followed by a double-page spread in RMT News and a launch meeting of a National Forum for Cleaners, in Doncaster.

Reps are ascertaining what action members are willing to take to stop the use of fingerprint booking on at Initial’s Hammersmith depot and elsewhere. We also await a reply to our demand for a meeting with Initial.
The GGC’s National Sub-Committee is also looking at this issue on a national level.
We have received reports of ISS investigating locations for cleaners to book on at London Underground stations via machines. This suggests a plan for LUL to remove Supervisors from stations and the cleaning contractors to have cleaners work without the protection of supervision. We should pursue this with both ISS and LUL, at all appropriate levels of the machinery.

Council of Executives decision, 12 October: We note the resolution from LTRC and share its concern over the police’s treatment of our AGS. We refer this to our Legal Services Sub-committee to examine and report on the most effective support we can provide to Brother Hedley.


GGC decision, 2 October: We are: supporting the train grades’ committee’s organising efforts; compiling reports on which grades may be used to test driverless trains; ensuring that train grades membership data is accurate and up-to-date should we need to ballot for industrial action; writing to LUL, Tube Lines and Thales demanding written confirmation of any plans they have to prepare for the introduction of driverless trains, including testing, commissioning equipment or designs, or studying other metros; contacting potentially-supportive GLA members.

GGC decision, 11 October: Noted LTRC resolutions; ballot request dealt with in September. Letter from LUL states no current plans to test driverless trains; but reports that LUL continues with research, planning and technological development aimed at removing drivers; Boris Johnson stated at Tory Conference that he will introduce driverless trains; press coverage and debate at the GLA. We will be meeting LUL and will obtain more info on LUL’s plans and their cost.

“No plans in relation to preparing for the introduction of driverless train on London Underground” - Tube Lines

GGC decision, 25 October: Letter received from Tube Lines, stating it has ‘no plans’ preparing for driverless trains and this is LUL’s business; we continue to press Tube Lines for info on its involvement in developing technology that may facilitate driverless trains or a reduction in the driver’s role.

GGC decision, 25 October: We are balloting Bakerloo and Central line drivers for ‘action short of strikes’, with the intention of instructing them to insist on a physical check that every car on a train is empty before taking it out of service. Recent incidents have shown how dangerous this is; it is an attack on jobs and conditions; and illustrates that any new kit should be used alongside staff, not as a replacement for them. There was a joint meeting of RMT and ASLEF on the Bakerloo line, both unions working together. There will be: a personal letter to all members involved; close liaison with ASLEF;
leaflets, posters and visits to workplaces; media coverage; a leaflet for the public; an urgent report on possible industrial action by station staff.

GGC decision, 11 October: Research info being circulated; Early Day Motion; GLA submission. We will be producing a 4-page broadsheet for members, outlining the threats to jobs and working conditions and RMT’s determination to resist them, and encouraging members to become active and non-members to join. Officers and reps will visit workplaces with this broadsheet. We instructed the General Secretary to write to LUL demanding a clear and unequivocal statement of its plans for driverless trains; and to arrange an urgent meeting with LUL to address attacks on staffing levels.

GGC decision, 25 October: LUL has agreed to the meeting, and we will agree in advance a list of issues and demands to raise.

On 25 October, our Train Grades Committee agreed a strategy which identified the pattern of LUL management’s attacks and agreed a list of ‘line-in-the-sand’ demands around which to mobilise. I urge other grades to do similar.
I believe we must take a clear stance against all job cuts (except senior managers!). We should not accept the line that new technology means jobs must go; we should argue for shorter hours, more spare turns, new jobs, etc.

Demonstration at King's Cross station, 11am, Sunday 18 November. Be there!

GGC decision, 11 October: Following meeting with reps, some parts of our ‘action short’ reaffirmed; some cancelled. Talks and campaigning continue.

GGC decision, 11 October: The APD issue is not resolved to our satisfaction; there will be further talks.
We are obtaining a report on how LU admin grades were rewarded for Olympics working.

GGC decision, 10 October: RMT to attend meeting with LUL and other unions to discuss the process the review. Includes IR, H&S, Time Off and Uniform Consultative Committee, but seek the views of our Union Learning staff and LU ULRs Co-ordinator as to whether we wish the Union Learning Agreement to be reviewed; we will propose during the review that Upgrades be incorporated into the established machineries.

GGC decision, 25 October: In practice, our level 2 and tier 2 reps for stations and revenue control (10 reps) and trains (6 reps) have full-time release; we note that additionally, there is a full-time-release representative for Upgrades for trains and for service control. In all other functions, level 2 and tier 2 representatives are released on an ‘as and when basis’; LU Fleet branch has raised concerns about reduction of release in its areas; MATS rep thinks there should be full-time release in this function. So we seek views of our level/tier 2 reps, and of branches, as to the effectiveness of current arrangements for all functions – for both level/tier 2 and for local representatives – and whether we wish to continue or amend them.

GGC decision, 11 October: We are calling for prelim and feedback days for our reps; will be discussed in the review.

GGC decision, 2 October: These guidelines are issued unilaterally by the company and are not agreed by this union. We oppose employers’ intrusion into our members’ private lives and time, and will defend members against unjust disciplinary action under the pretext of these guidelines.

GGC decision, 10 October: We’re demanding an urgent meeting with LUL to attempt to resolve the issues.

GGC decision, 11 October: Following reps’ meeting on Monday 8 October, we reaffirm our industrial action, and renew our efforts to promote and explain it.

GGC decision, 23 October: We welcome the resolution from our East Ham branch and share its concerns about the treatment of our representative. We will ensure that he receives the full support of this union, and to obtain a detailed report on the progress of the case; and to ensure that LUL’s current review of its bullying and harassment procedure considers lessons that can be learned from this case before the new procedure is agreed at Company Council.


GGC decision, 10 October: Tube Lines management are attempting to impose an anti-social roster on our members. We balloting members for strikes and action short of strikes, to the shortest practical time scale, and to send a personal letter to all those being balloted urging them strongly to vote Yes to both questions.

GGC decision, 10 October: We instruct our reps not to agree any new rosters, and instruct our members to take industrial action: in the event that management attempt to impose a new roster, to refuse to co-operate with it and to continue to work to the existing roster.
GGC decision, 18 October: Industrial action as follows:
Not to book on for any shift starting on or after 06:00 on Thursday 1 November, resuming to shifts starting after 05:59 on Friday 2 November.
Not to work overtime at any time between 06:00 on Thursday 1 November and 06:00 on Monday 5 November.
Plus: personal letter by post to the members; workplace visits and meetings in conjunction with the strike committee; bulletin for Tube Lines members, to include reports of the impacts of the industrial action in this dispute so far; place in front of us a report on the cases of those LUL members who invoked the procedure for refusal to work on the grounds of health and safety concerns during the Tube Lines strike in April.

The General Secretary will be meeting with the employer and Community to agree joint recognition on 5 November.

Talks at ACAS to agree recognition start 9 November.

GGC decision, 25 October: We note that the issue of the complaint against our representative appears to have been resolved. There remains an outstanding issue of the failure of the employer to award the pay rise due to Brother Mihaj while he was suspended, and provide Brother Mihaj with full support in this matter.

London Underground Ltd is still using this agency on the ex-Silverlink stations on the Bakerloo and District lines.

Thanks to the efforts of stations reps and others, more than half of them are now RMT members. We have a GGC decision for a national campaign aimed at Trainpeople.
We met with LUL’s Employee Relations Director to raise two issues where we believe LUL is not meeting its obligations under the Agency Workers’ Regulations 2010: not providing them with Staff/Nominee Passes; and not treating them equally during CSA recruitment.

GGC decision, 25 October: Notes appointment of Micky Hogg as lead officer for Trainpeople; calls meeting at Unity House with lead officer, GGC, and nominee of each Regional Council, to plan work on this issue; GS to write to all railway companies asking whether/where etc they use Trainpeople or other agencies; any proposed deal on using agencies to go to the GGC; sets up meeting with lawyers re LUL’s treatment of agency staff.

GGC decision, 11 October: We are providing legal support to taxi driver members who experience harassment arising from the display of identifier tags. We will also provide the London Taxi Drivers’ branch with support and resources for its forthcoming recruitment campaign, which will include coverage of RMT’s support for suburban (yellow badge) taxi drivers and well as green badge drivers.

GGC decision, 23 October: Following a resolution from our East Ham branch, we are asking for all staff working for TfL and its subsidiaries, franchisees and contractors to be granted free travel on all its services - including the cable car and riverboat services - for themselves and a nominee. We are also considering a report on the prospects of an RMT recruitment and organising campaign on the Emirates Airline Cable Car.

We have received letters from LUL, Tube Lines and Serco Docklands concerning working arrangements and pay for the festive period. These have been forwarded to the relevant reps for comment.

Training for branch officers on involving new cleaning/catering members, 29/30 November
Other RMT training courses being run in London for the Region (our new Regional Training Officer, Lorna Tooley, training@rmtlondoncalling.org.uk)
- communications
- introductory course
- branch officers
The national training programme for 2013 has been published. -

Following a resolution from London Transport Regional Council, there was a thorough discussion between RMT officers and Executive members about speeding up our preparation of ballot matrices. A report is being drafted for the Executive on how to take this forward.

Following a decision of the 2011 AGM, there is to be a review of the union's internal structures; and following a separate decision, there is also a review of the role of Regional Council. Both are currently being considered by the Council of Executives' Organisation, Training and Education Sub-committee.


The government has re-tabled its proposed cuts to Parliament. RMT has established an e-petition, here: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/40175 Please add your name and circulate to everyone you know.
Please also lobby your MP to sign EDM422.
Council of Executives decision, 12 October: Political Sub-Committee is to draw up a programme of protest and lobbying activities as a matter of urgency.
The proposals are going to committee in Parliament on Thursday 1 November. RMT has produced a briefing. I have urged both the national union and the Regional Council to organise a protest.

Council of Executives decision, 12 October: We note the resolution from our London Transport Regional Council and share its opposition to the English Defence League (EDL) and its concern over London Underground’s apparent assistance to EDL demonstrators. We refer this matter to our Political, Transport Policy and Liberation Sub-committee for examination and report.