ISS Cleaners Refuse Biometric Booking On

I write to remind you that we remain in dispute with ISS over the planned introduction of Biometric Fingerprinting Machines for booking on for duty. We are totally opposed to this technology which we believe is a breach of civil liberties and a threat to your jobs. Members on the LUL contract voted ‘Yes’ in a ballot for industrial action and were instructed by the union not to use the new technology until further notice and to use the established booking on method. This action is still in place and you remain protected by the ballot in taking this action.

To remind you, the action consists of the following instruction:

* To use the established method to book on for duty and NOT use any biometric machines. (i.e. continue to use the sign in sheets at your depot or station and book in with ISS using the “Autophone”)

I therefore urge you all to stand firm with your colleagues and refuse to use any biometric/fingerprint technology to book on for duty, keeping to the established method outlined above. We believe this technology infringes on your civil liberties and must be stopped.


Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
Acting General Secretary