Justice for the 33. The fight goes on. Soup kitchen outside Broadway Jan 15 0800

J33 Campaign

We told you we aren’t going away and we mean it
Following 3 well attended demos at Wembley Central and Broadway these last 7 days, the fight continues tomorrow, Jan 15 at 0800 where a soup kitchen will be set up outside the head offices of London Underground in Broadway SW1

Tory minister Chris Grayling offered support for our member’s at todays demo and was asked to intervene in preventing 33 workers wanting to work being sent to sign on at the jobcentre.


local press have been keen on publicising the plight of our comrades read more here http://www.harrowtimes.co.uk/news/10160397.Soup_kitchen_set_up_in_protes...

The soup kitchen is hugely symbolic, workers who are dismissed from employment face real tough choices to keep themselves in housing, families’ fed and bills paid. We all face struggles to keep our heads above water but workers sacked through no fault of their own face particularly difficult challenges. Please come and show your support on tomorrow’s demo.
Free soup to all supporters.
Sack the agency not the workers Justice for the 33
LUL must do the right thing and employ these workers.
We are not begging, we just want to work.