Letter to trade unionists: Support our campaign against victimisations

To: all trade union branches and supporters of trade unionism in and around London

On 16 May, RMT Tube drivers will begin strike action to demand the reinstatement of sacked union reps Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas.

London Underground sacked Eamonn for following an instruction which turned out to be wrong, despite not sacking other drivers who made similar - or even worse - errors. LU sacked Arwyn following accusations from strike-breakers during last year's strikes against station job cuts. In both cases, Employment Tribunals have awarded 'interim relief', ruling that London Underground sacked them unlawfully, unfairly and because of their trade union activities. Despite this, and despite campaigning and lobbying, London Underground is still refusing to reinstate them, so RMT has had to call strikes.

London Underground's actions are an attack by a publicly-owned employer not just on RMT but on all trade unions and on trade unionism in general. If London Underground gets away with this, then all trade unionists will be more vulnerable; if we can win reinstatement for Eamonn and Arwyn, then all trade unionists will be stronger.

Please support our strikes and our campaign. There are many ways in which you can help - send us a message of support; invite us to speak at your next meeting; visit our picket lines; and more.

Please offer your support by emailing me j.booth@rmt.org.uk

You can read more information about this issue and our campaign here: http://www.rmtlondoncalling.org.uk/defendreps

Thank you.

Yours in solidarity
Janine Booth
RMT Council of Executives
London Transport Region representative