London Underground Management Want To Choose Your Rep

It appears that LUL have now decided that they will choose who can and can not be a local rep. Management have refused to recognise Industrial Relations rep Jason Moriarty. An email was sent to Management at Stratford from Employee relations stating "I am of the view that he can not be rep again" and "There is no recognition rights for RMT at north Greenwich."

This is of course nonsense as there has been an RMT IR rep at North Greenwich since it opened and the collective bargaining agreement is very clear about who can be a rep.

3.1 Candidates for appointment as local representatives must:

(i) be currently employed by London Underground and be working within the constituency in question;

(ii) be a member of a relevant trades union party to this Agreement;

3.2 Any employee who satisfies the requirements of 3.1 (i) and (ii) will be qualified to be nominated as a local representative

Jason is a rostered North Greenwich driver and has been for 12 years. He is most definitely a member of the RMT and has been for 15 years so meets the requirements as laid out in the agreement.

This is not only an attack on Jason and the RMT members at North Greenwich and Stratford who he represents but also an attack on all members of any trade union on London underground. The idea that the management can veto the decision of a branch and its members as to who they can have as a rep is quite absurd and unacceptable.

The RMT will not tolerate any management attempts at interfering with union decisions and will not accept any other solution but that Jason is given full recognition and allowed to represent his members.