Message Of Support To Transport Workers Union

The Transport Worker's Union New York chapter - 'Local 100' - which primarily represents members in New York's subway system, has advised members to enter stations at caution speed. The TWU explain that their have been 150 'one-unders' - or 12-9's, an average of three per week, none of which have been the fault of the train driver. By entering the station at caution speed the union believes lives can be saved and drivers spared the trauma of being involved in an incident.

The unions leaflet on the action is attached below

The RMT's London Transport Region Executive Officer has written to the TWU Local 100 union to offer our support and solidarity of the initiative.

The letter
I am writing in support of New York subway train operators following TWU Local 100’s advice to approach stations with caution.

In London, New York, and on other metro systems, Platform-Train Interface incidents are an ever-present and serious risk. When management fail to take sufficient steps to minimise that risk, it is left to operators and other staff to take matters into our own hands to defend our and our passengers’ safety. On London Underground right now, train operators are taking industrial action to enforce a safe detrainment procedure, and to boycott unsafe procedures imposed by the company.

While it is disappointing to see that underground railway companies in other cities also have a reckless attitude to PTI risks, it is very heartening to see unions in those companies also fighting back.

Please pass on our support, let me know if there is any other way we can help, and keep me updated with the progress of the campaign.

Yours in solidarity

Janine Booth
RMT London Transport Region Council Of Executive Member