Messages of Support: Defend our Reps!

Messages below from:

  • comedian/writer Mark Thomas
  • Unite at Heathrow Airport
  • trade unionists in Greece

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Trade unionists have fought long and hard for the rights we have which includes the right to be a trade unionist and not be victimised for it. Any sacking for trade union activity and victimisation must be fought. In solidarity with the RMT.
Mark Thomas

Sadly, under this government we are likely to see even higher levels of victimisation of union reps and members than we have in the past. London Undergroud appears to be treating the legal ruling against them over their unfair dismissals of Eammon Lynch and Arwyn Thomas with utter contempt.
I have no doubt that the Tory controlled media will fail to report this story accurately and that RMT will be portrayed as the villains rather that LU, who broke the law and then refused to provide redress for doing so. But an attack on one union member is an attack on all union members, this being even more blatent when it is an elected representative.
Employers must be held to account for their illegal actions - either by the courts or the unions. It would have been far better for LU if the tribunal had ordered them to reinstate, as they now face a hugely bigger cost. I wish RMT, Eammon and Arwyn success in their struggle for justice and am sure that this will be endorsed by the Unite activist group that I chair when we next meet.
Yours in solidarity,
Jon Purdom,
Heathrow Liaison Committee (Unite)

PAME expresses the solidarity of workers in our country with the workers in London Underground who respond with strike mobilizations to the dismissals of their two colleagues, because of their trade union action.
We kindly ask you to convey our support to your two colleagues.
George Pontikos
International Relations Department of PAME - Greece

Dear Comrade
I just wanted to give my support to you and your members as the union stands up for its activists, Eamonn Lynch & Arwyn Thomas. The actions of the RMT in the face of intransigence by TfL and the ant-union political agenda of Boris Johnson, are entirely justified and proportionate. It is outrageous that TfL are refusing to even talk to the RMT about reinstatement, in addition to the original victimisation of union colleagues. Please continue to set an excellent example of Trade Unionism as only through the campaigning and industrial relations work the RMT & other unions undertake can we show to the wider public the relevance & necessity of the trade union movement to our society and counteract the growing anti-union rhetoric and policy direction of politicians & the media.

Yours in solidarity
John Snowdon

46 Fern Dene Road