Neasden Flyer- October Edition and 'Special Safety Edition Regarding TBTC Signalling'

Please find attached, the Neasden Flyer for October 2009

Inside this issue

  • Neasden Members celebrate 40 & 25 Years Union Service
  • Nick Smith - Membership Secretary explains his role
  • A list of Members who need to contact Nick, regarding their 25 year badges
  • details on our next branch meeting
  • and how to update your details!

Also attached....

Jubilee line management tried to implement TBTC trial operations on the 3&4th October.

Health and Safety Representatives were not assured that simple things, like Instructor-Service Operators, would be available in NSCC, and even the TBTC Signage (The RM Hold boards etc..) were not comissioned! on top of it all, drivers didnt feel they had enough training to carry out the role required, and with no amnesty issued from management we had no choice..

We along with ASLEF issued our members with refusal to drive/work forms, as assurances were not met, all drivers(except one Instrutor Operator) refused to work, as they hadnt provided enough training.

Much to the disapointment of management, they only managed to run one train in TBTC, they state that it was a good sucess and like some Armstrong Moment, they said it was a what they failed to mention is that, the points had failed, and it took two hours to travel two stations... Yeah, a real step towards the future!

That proves, that the only realisitic move towards the future, would be to bring TUBELINES back in-house!