in The News: RMT Calls Tube Strike

The RMT have announced a 48 hour tube strike next week in the fight over job cuts and ticket office closures. The latest action has been widely reported in the press as RMT members prepare for action to defend jobs and a decent tube service:


Londoners are set for further Tube chaos next week with London Underground workers due to go on strike for 48 hours over staff cuts and ticket office closures.


During this morning’s Ask Boris phone in on LBC, Nick Ferrari played a recording of a statement from John Leach of the RMT, setting out the union’s reasons for the strikes:

“Get his [the Mayor’s] managers back round the table with us and enable us to reverse these cuts through discussion.

“One thing we can’t do is have every single ticket office closed permanently and a reduction of just under 900 jobs. It’s not fair on London and it’s not fair on the staff that work there.“

The Guardian

The walkout threatens travel disruption in the capital and coincides with strikes by council workers and civil servants across the country in separate disputes over pay, jobs and cuts.

The latest phase of action in RMT’s Every Job Matters campaign follows talks with London Underground. The union said that although some limited progress had been made its executive had taken the view it was not enough after months of negotiations and that the only option was to move back into a further round of strikes.

BBC News

Now the RMT has a new general secretary it's clearer how the union intends to fight huge changes being implemented on the Tube.

The union's decision was taken after a meeting of all reps so there is real concern among members.

Union Solidarity International

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “RMT negotiators have made every effort in the long-running talks to resolve a range of issues that impact on our members jobs, their pay and working conditions and the safety of the services that they provide to the travelling public.