North Fields Depot Dispute Reaches Agreement

A ballot for strike action and industrial action short of a strike was held of our Tube Lines members at Northfield Depot over a Breakdown in industrial relations. This dispute related to reports we had received that management had been riding roughshod over agreements relating to the Sickness and Attendance Procedures. They had also withheld sickpay, denied the right to raise a grievance as well as the right to trade union representation.

Our members voted overwhelmingly in favour of action which brought about talks with the company. Talks with senior Tube Lines management were held and thanks to the efforts of our representatives, agreement was reached. An apology was made to the relevant member by the Depot manager and an undertaking was given that the agreed procedures would be followed “going forward”. This has since been confirmed in writing.

It is thanks to the strong support of our members at Northfield, and their preparedness to take industrial action that this dispute has successfully been drawn to a conclusion. Our members and reps must be congratulated for their resolve and determination.