One Cleaner Rep Saved, One Sacked - RMT Continues The Fight

Background information here.

The good news is that the case against Clara was thrown out.

The bad news is that Mary's dismissal was upheld for the second time. The first time round, she was sacked in her absence, when despite giving ISS her address, to which they sent her P45, they claim to have sent the first notice to her old address, stopped her pay because she did not respond, then sacked her!

RMT representative Pat O'Brien got her reinstated. He then represented her at the next hearing, when she was sacked again

Yesterday, ISS upheld the sacking, so RMT plans to take action to demand that Mary is reinstated. Remember: she has an eye injury caused by an accident at work, yet was sacked for being photographed with her eyes closed on a train!

Protest: Wednesday 14th January, meet 10am at London Bridge, 11am at ISS office, Greenwich

Meeting: Friday 23rd January, 6pm, Exmouth Pub, Star Cross Street, near Euston. Support Mary Campaign meeting. Speakers include Bob Crow and new Regional Organiser Steve Hedley.

We are hoping to get a few other actions organised too.