An open letter to station AG1s: Join the RMT and fight Transformation

This is an open letter from station staff RMT members to our support staff (AG1’s in old money).

We have become increasingly concerned at the proposals you are facing as part of LU’s so-called Transformation. We ourselves have just been dragged through the lunacy of Fit for the Future: Stations, and we always knew that when LU had finished with us, other groups of LU staff would likely come under the cosh.

We do not want to see job cuts to the group cover support grade, firstly as a matter of trade union principle, and secondly because as station staff we need support that is station-based, where our admin staff know the location, the people and the running of the Area/Cover Group. We do not want our admin based in ‘hubs’ where they are out of reach, out of touch and under pressure.

We recognise that our admin staff are already under resourced, that vacancies go unfilled and that the stresses of the job lead to sickness. Therefore the idea that our support staff numbers should be cut by around a third, (down to only 53) is plainly nonsense. It’ll make your job even more stressful and will make life difficult for station staff.

One of the principle reasons that LU is throwing its weight around with Transformation, telling the unions it’s ‘consultation not negotiation’, is because management believe there are too few union members to worry about a proper fightback. Sadly, it’s true that union density (in any union) is poor in many of the areas subject to Transformation.

TfL’s plans can be challenged; TfL can be forced to change direction. Although LU was able to force through much of Fit for the Future, much of it was dropped, amended or quietly shunted into a corner. Importantly, LU was forced to employ 325 station staff after we took strike action. That strike action put paid to the notion that ‘station staff can’t win on their own.’

We hear the same with your grade.

The pessimists say there is no point in admins being in a union, or that ‘Transformation can’t be stopped’. Neither is true; all admin (all staff!) should be in a union, and the best union to join is RMT. Transformation won’t be stopped unless there’s resistance; resistance has to be organised. Join RMT today at or call 07801 071363 for further info, or speak to any local RMT rep.

The union branch for all TfL staff and LU admin workers meets every payday at Blue Eyed Maid, 173 Borough High St, SE1 1HR, but members/joiners are welcome at any of the line-based meetings.

In solidarity,
RMT stations members

  • Please download the attached letter and distribute it in your station.