Regional Report

1 TUBE UNION RMT today demanded that London Mayor Boris Johnson take “urgent and decisive” action to terminate the Tube Lines contract on London Underground as it emerged that LU are calling in forensic accountants to “examine massive and secretive payments to Tube Lines’ shareholders” and after the company were branded as “ailing and failing” by TFL.

Today it has become clear that the combined black hole on the Tube Lines contract of £1.7 billion, with £400 million being carried by TFL and the rest by the company, will result in savage cuts and delays to essential upgrade works with dire consequences for Londoner’s. Meanwhile the RMT branches that represent Tubelines have requested a ballot of job cuts and draconian proposed changes to terms and conditions.

2 Safety worries on the DLR .The introduction of three carriage trains on the Docklands light railway has raised serious safety concerns. Inadequate monitors and mirrors have left drivers with blind spots where passengers have been caught in closing doors. This coupled with hardly any training has led to drivers demanding improved safety for fear of serious and imminent risk to themselves and passengers.

3 LUL Rumors’ persist that a meeting of centurion managers have been informed that huge cuts in their own and all station grades will be taking place .Only one union successfully defended all our members jobs in the last round of redundancies ,it was of course the RMT.

4 Youth march for jobs in Barking March 13th.Assemble 12 noon Mayesbrook park near Upney tube. Could anyone who is prepared to steward please send me your details.

5 Demonstration in lille Tuesday April 13th to oppose European rail privatization ,if you wish to attend contact the RMT’s Mick Carty on 02078298307.

6 RMT BACKS Conference for 1 million Climate Jobs

Third Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union conference Saturday 13th March 2010 South Camden Community School, Charrington street More information on our website or find us on facebook here.

I will keep you informed of all updates

Yours Sincerely

Steve Hedley Regional Organiser