Resolution: Proposal for setting up a Bus Workers' branch

This resolution, submitted by Central Line West branch and seconded by Neasden branch, was passed unanimously by the October meeting of the Regional Council.

As the number of Bus Workers within the M25 in the RMT fast approaches the 1000 mark we propose that a Bus Workers branch/es be set up in order that Bus Workers may be better served by having those within their specific industry with the knowledge of that industry readily available to the members.

When, three years ago Bus Workers started joining the RMT in large numbers it was decided by the region that they be divided amongst four branches, Stratford No. 1, Central line west, Hammersmith & City and Morden & Oval. This was done because the Bus Workers who were leaving Unite were in the most part not reps or activists but ordinary workers who were fed up with what they perceived as total inaction by the T&G (now Unite) and in some cases collusion between certain T&G reps and management.

Now that those workers and those who have followed them are better organised and active and indeed have their own Bus Workers committee, we feel that the time has come to set up their own base where they can better fight the constant attacks on their members by the bullying management in the various bus companies across the capital. In setting up their own branch/es this will also enable them to use their own resources to have more reps trained up to a higher standard which will help in the fight against these attacks.