Resolutions Carried At London Transport Regional Meeting October 2012 - PMAs

This resolution was passed at the October LTRC meeting. The other motions passed can be found here.

A resolution has already been noted and passed in respect of PMA’s no longer being involved in "any" aspect of disciplinaries and that "disciplinaries" are postponed until a full investigation is carried out ref: official circular no: 437.

However the same PMA who provoked this resolution has recently risk assessed the Train Operations Manager for Neasden depot Metropolitan line following an altercation between him and a Neasden DTSM which was witnessed by two people, one being another DTSM (investigation on-going). However he remains in his "Tom’s" position and recently covered the Performance Manager’s role (This is not a role for someone on a serious charge).

Neasden 1070 branch "unanimous agree that the credibility of this PMA is questionable and that all PMA’s should be investigated and scrutinised in all aspects of their roles".
A senior manager has given his unequivocal support for this particular PMA and his letter of support is very offensive as PMA’s contributions may contain a "detriment" to an employee and so the following resolution is proposed with regards all PMA’s.

We the branch ask that the General Secretary writes to Management regarding the implementation of the following Resolution:

  • PMA’s do not attend case conferences
  • PMA’s do not engage or participate in any grievance procedures
  • PMA’s are not used by management to mediate or form an opinion on employees
  • PMA’s credentials are verified (C.I.P.D.) or other, and that their code of conduct is assured and assessed periodically
  • Prove PMA’s role and if necessary employ independent PMA’s in the interim

There will be an open and honest investigation into all PMA’s contributions, past and present

Resolution from Neasden branch