RMT members have been working flat out to keep the Tube running

To RMT members in London Transport Region from Regional Organiser John Leach and NEC rep Jared Wood

Dear Colleagues

It goes without saying that everyone in the country and the world are living through the pandemic, but this message is specifically for RMT members in the London Transport region.

Since the crisis unfolded, RMT members have been working flat out 24/7 to keep the tube running and, through the union, to keep the job safe and ourselves healthy.

RMT Reps in all companies including LUL, TfL, DLR (KAD, ISS, CGL) cable car (EAL, Mace) ABM, AGS, Sodexo, Global, Alstom, CTS have secured arrangements to provide full shift pay for those who need to self-isolate and protection for vulnerable workers. Many members can work from home and, in some cases, members are on paid stand-by.

All but emergency/ essential engineering work has now stopped and many areas of LUL are implementing staffing levels that are the minimum required to work safely. This is allowing five-hour working to be introduced in many areas, which removes the need to use shared mess facilities.

But we still have major concerns about members who are working without required social distancing being in place. This is affecting our Station Staff, Fleet Maintainers, Track and Signal Engineers and Train Operators  in particular. We are pushing this issue with LUL, the Mayor and government. We have made clear to LUL that while members have shown their commitment to keeping a service running, we cannot do so without social distancing being in place.

We are also pressing hard to secure a guarantee from TFL that, irrespective of whatever the government does, the pay of all sub-contractors and self-employed workers in TFL's orbit must continue to be fully paid in the event they are unable to work.

Cleaning arrangements also need immediate improvements. This is not a reflection on cleaners, many of whom are RMT members. It is because promises made have not been put into action. Cleaners do not have the equipment and training they need and promised additional cleaners have yet to materialise.

We are getting reports on a daily basis form your Health & Safety and Industrial Reps and we will continue to ensure that issues not resolved locally or at functional level are immediately raised with LUL at the highest level.

If at any time you feel the job is not safe, because social distancing is not being implemented or for any other reason, you have the right under law to remove yourself to a safe place.

We would like to personally commend all RMT reps in the LTRC region, in all companies, who are an absolute credit to our union in the way that you are representing members and their families and loved one's issues.

A bulletin to all RMT members in the LT region is attached. We will continue to update you on developments affecting your company, your grade or our whole region. But, for now, this is a straight up thank you from us.

With very best wishes.

John Leach - LT Regional Organiser
Jared Wood - LT National Executive member