RMT seeks clarity over cleaners T&Cs related to contractors and clients

We note and adopt the report from our National Sub Committee.


Referring to Decision No, NWW, 26th July 2017, your National Sub-committee submits the following report:

“We note the resolution from the 2017 AGM and instruct the General Secretary to write to all cleaning contract companies and their clients demanding clarity on which elements of our members terms and conditions are solely the responsibility of the contractors and which are the responsibility of the client.

This NEC believes this matter is pertinent to other Grades such as our track contractor members and others in the same predicament regarding their employment; and the same should be raised with their respective contract and client companies.

 We further instruct the General Secretary to raise the matter with our Parliamentary Group and seek to have a question raised in parliament using the Servest/GWR example above."

A report is to be placed before the NEC when these instructions have been carried out.