RMT 'steadfast resolve' secures complete withdrawal of train prep cuts plan


That this NEC congratulates the steadfast resolve and industrial strength of our Fleet members, representatives, activists, our LU Fleet Branch which has enabled our Negotiations Team, the Lead Officer & Senior Assistant General Secretary to secure the complete withdrawal of all the company’s proposals to extend train preparation ahead of the 3 day strike set to begin 7am this coming Friday morning.

We most highly commend our Fleet Trainers who were sent home under threat of having their pay withheld, but still stood up and took industrial action by refusing to train managers to undertake train preparation roles solely designed to undermine the weekends planned strike action. We congratulate our Fleet Trainers for upholding the unions line and for being reinstated back to work with their pay secured.

Accordingly; we instruct the General Secretary advise the company that we suspend all industrial actions short of a strike and the strike action notified to begin at 7am on Friday 17th May 2019; and all affected members to work normally.

We instruct the General Secretary to cancel the demonstration at GLA City Hall.

Further; all are to remain vigilant and report any matters arising to their reps, branch or the Lead Officer.

All members to be advised by email & text.

LU Fleet Branch, all LU operational branches and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

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