Service Control ACAS Update

Today, your functional representatives attended ACAS, unfortunately despite the many options offered by the RMT London Underground management didn't budge.

We have stated many times that we can only discuss future plans for London Underground when they agree to stop implementing the changes without proper negotiations and discussions.

So far we haven't been able to see eye to eye. We remain hopeful and will attend tomorrow, however we are still unable to call the action off due to management’s reluctance to put a hold to the cuts and enter into meaningful negotiations.

Service Control Cuts Next

So far we've found out there are more cuts to come, Service Control, Engineering & Trains are all next!

There is no doubt if we are not successful in this round of action we will ALL be re-applying for our own jobs. With the collapse of Hammersmith SCC and the Bombardier scandal nobody knows what the Piccadilly, Metropolitan, District, Hammersmith & City and Circle Lines Signallers & Controllers
will face! The Northern line SO4s are feeling the affects now being sent back to signal cabins with no long-term protection of earnings, this could happen to you.

No grade is safe, SM, SCL2, SCAC, SCL1, LIS and SO1-4 are all under serious threat.

We must stop this now!

We would like to offer a huge thanks to all of you for supporting the first 48 hours. It was by far the most successful service control has ever been, we are growing stronger, more organised and ever more effective. Management knows this and is trying to stop our industrial strength by getting managers to do our jobs; we will organise, strengthen and fight against this and all future Service Control cuts.

Next service control meeting

Wednesday 12th March – 3PM at the Exmouth Arms, Euston.

As we in Service Control are growing ever more organised and successful in our campaigns the grade meeting is our one stop shop to discuss these problems, raise any issues and start the fight for real union strength in service control. The next meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday 12th March – 3PM at the Exmouth Arms, Euston.

As you will know we are in the process of fighting for our own branch and are having an ever growing attendance at these meetings, all are welcome and we encourage everyone to come along even if you just want to hear what is going on or meet some fellow Service Control staff.

Next Meeting: Wednesday 12th March – 3PM at the Exmouth Arms
Exmouth Arms - Upstairs Function Room
1 Starcross St, Euston, Closest Tubes Euston & Euston Square.