Station Admin Update


Your reps have now seen the outcome of the preferencing exercise for Station Admin staff. We again stressed to the company that the RMT does not and cannot agree to our members having to reapply for their own jobs. We believe that you all do a fantastic job and are fully capable to continue doing so, without the need to be put under stress or humiliation by having to sit an exam in a classroom to carry on in the role you are currently carrying out successfully.


We stressed that the company are treating this work stream with such disrespect and totally disproportionately to any other work stream in Transformation. The company have not tried to mitigate redundancies in the same way the have in other work streams, including other ADCOs. They strung us along for weeks before ultimately ignoring our concerns about changes to the role and ignoring both counter proposals. They are now refusing any sort of mapping exercise for people and are insisting that they will place people based on the scores they achieve in their assessments and based on ‘business needs’. We urged them to at least place people based on their location preferences.


We have since found out that people are not being given sufficient notice to attend assessment centres, or even being allowed to book their own assessments. Again, this shows exactly how much the company values you.


There have been a number of resolutions from RMT Branches about supporting station admin staff and meetings will be set up between the Transformation reps and senior RMT officers to discuss next steps.


In the meantime, we will continue to oppose these disgusting changes and look after RMT members however we can. We welcome you to try to attend any meetings that are set up and to continue to look at this site for updates