Student Support For 'Justice For Dayna' Campaign

By Daniel Lemberger Cooper, President SURHUL & ULU Vice President-elect

A statement from Student union officers and student activists

We the undersigned support RMT member Dayna Nembhard's fight for reinstatement to her job on London Underground. Dayna was sacked for
defending herself against a racist attack

We see this as a continuation of the solidarity built between students and Tube workers during the anti-cuts struggles of the last two years, and a crucial battle in our movements' fight against racism and for workers' rights.


Daniel Cooper, President Royal Holloway SU and University of London Union Vice President-elect
Michael Chessum, UCL and NUS NEC
Naomi Beecroft, Women's Liberation Convenor-elect (Edinburgh Student Association), NCAFC NC and Women's CommitteeAaron Kiely, Black Students' Officer-elect and NUS NEC
Shelly Asquith, Arts University, London
Edwin Clifford- Coupe, UCL Vice President-elect
Stef Newton, UCL LGBT officer
Arianna Tassinari, SOAS SU Vice President
James Haywood, Goldsmiths SU President
Simon Furse, Birmingham SU Vice President
Claire Locke, Londont Metropolitan University SU President
Liam Mcnulty, Cambridge University
Bob Sutton, Liverpool Guild of Students' Vice President
Sean Rillo Rackza, Birkbeck and ULU Vice President & President-elect