Transformation Stand Up - Or Fall Down

As you will be aware, all work streams in London Underground Transformation have now been stood up.

Your reps were in consultation with the company from November, trying to obtain the best deal possible for our members, when continually faced with opposition and hostility from a management team that did not have your best interests at heart and were only concerned with meeting targets and saving money, no matter what the cost.

We told London Underground why their plans would not work and lo and behold, we are already seeing the evidence of Transformation’s failings. We have had numerous reports from our members that they are still being required to undertake work that they were not supposed to be doing post implementation. Many local managers are not even aware of what staff are meant to be doing in the new structures and also additional work is also being imposed on our members.

To be clear – you are not required to do work that is not your responsibility. You should only be doing the work required of the role that you are now undertaking. The only chance we have of exposing Transformation failings is by not helping the company to hide their mistakes.


A number of our members will now be in redeployment. It is important that you keep in contact with a Transformation rep during this process so we can best advise you of your rights and what to do during this process.


We are also concerned that a number of individuals are being asked to sign new contracts. Please contact a Transformation rep before signing a new contract.


Finally we are continuing to meet with the company about issues that are arising around Transformation. Your reps will also be asking for the reversal of staff numbers to form part of the upcoming pay negotiations.


If you have any concerns, please contact one of the Transformation reps: Kelly Berry, Mick James, Paul O’Brien, Phil Rigby-Faux & Lorna Tooley