Transformation Update

Your London Underground Transformation Reps wanted to provide you with an update on how consultation is progressing.


Throughout consultation, we have opposed any job losses ad will continue to do so. We have scrutinised pooling documents and questioned the company’s rationale on many of the pools. We have successfully changed a number of pools and had people moved into the correct pools when the company have misplaced them. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to successfully achieve this in all cases and are pursuing those on an individual basis.

We have provided the company with extensive feedback on their Business Cases and have held many drop in sessions with staff in scope, as well as meeting individually with our members throughout the process. We have also tabled a number of counter proposals from staff.

We have secured protection for people’s salaries (100% pensionable) and terms and conditions if they are mapped into a lower grade as a result of Transformation. We have argued that all staff are protected under the ‘jobs for life’ agreement and have taken that argument all the way to Company Council. We have also had ad hoc meetings with Directors about Transformation and in particular mitigating redundancies, protecting staff on maternity and parental leave and ensuring permanent staff are not replaced by contractors or staff on fixed term contracts.

We have ensured the company are actively looking at placing permanent staff into new roles, where their current roles are being lost through Transformation. Roles have been ring-fenced for staff in Transformation and there is an ongoing review of all non-permanent staff and whether staff in Transformation can fill these positions.

Some areas of Transformation are now being stood up and consultation is ongoing in the other areas. There is a mass meeting arranged for 8th May at 2pm at The Indian YMCA. Please try to attend that meeting, as well as any drop-ins that are arranged and continue to check this site for updates