Transformation Update

We are nearing the end of Transformation. This has been a long and stressful process for all of our members who have been involved. Throughout the consultation, management have ignored many of the concerns raised by our reps and members, and have refused to share detailed plans of how things will actually work post-implementation. A number of managers who have been leading Transformation are leaving the company and this has been notable by the differences in consultation between work streams.

Throughout Transformation, the priority of the RMT has been looking after our members and mitigating redundancies and this will always remain our number one priority. Many people will be receiving outcomes from their selection and assessment exercises over the coming weeks. You are entitled to a second outcome meeting, as well as a feedback meeting and an appeal. You can be accompanied to these meetings by your RMT rep. Any intention to appeal should be submitted within 5 days of receiving your outcome.

If you have been unsuccessful in gaining a role through Transformation, please speak to your rep as a matter of urgency. Members are encouraged to use the Transformation Priority site, as well as working with the redeployment unit to look for Suitable Alternative Employment. Your reps are also approaching the company about the possibility of ‘bumping’ – where someone with a role can swap with someone who has been unsuccessful. Please speak to your rep if this is something you are interested in.